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Faster Speed to Lead. Better Conversion Rates. & Shape
Faster Speed to Lead. Better Conversion Rates.

Stop wasting time on low-quality leads that don’t convert or drive revenue for your solar business! With the new Shape + Verse connection you get the powerful automation of a CRM paired with AI-powered lead nurturing and human follow-up that identifies qualified leads in your pipeline and boosts conversion rates by 300%!

Easy tools to qualify, nurture and convert the best leads.

Automatically post leads to both Shape and Verse to begin qualification and follow. With Shape + Verse get AI-powered lead tools along with a best-in-class CRM that work together to identify, nurture, and convert only the best prospects for your business. Get alerted once the lead is ready to close the deal.

Receive live transfer calls, book appointments, and connect with customers faster.

With Shape's QuickFire notifications and Verse's outreach, you can start working on deals and building outstanding client relationships instantly. Make contact as soon as possible to ensure that leads are not forgotten.

Automatically engage and nurture leads with genuine human interaction + email and text campaigns.

Gather valuable lead data upfront so you can better understand your prospects' needs and send them the most appropriate messaging for their situation. Genuine human connection coupled with professional marketing material will increase the quality of positive brand interactions.

Measure marketing campaign effectiveness to maximize your spend and boost ROI.

Get up-to-the-second data on sales activities to better align your marketing and sales goals and initiatives.

Get integrated with today. is a next-generation lead conversion technology and highly skilled human concierges 100% focused on engaging, qualifying, and converting inbound leads for marketing and sales teams. Increase revenue while giving prospects a more personalized experience along the way.