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Top 6 Best CRMs For iOS (iPhone & iPad) in 2024

Looking for a CRM that works great with your iOS device? You've come to the right place! In this extensive guide, we’ll spotlight the CRMs that are not just available on iOS, but are finely tuned to thrive on your Apple devices. We're delving into CRM apps that offer more than just compatibility – they bring a seamless, integrated experience whether you're on an iPhone or iPad. Our focus here is on user-friendly interfaces that make managing customer relationships a breeze on the go. We’ll also evaluate the effectiveness of push notifications to keep you updated with crucial CRM tasks, and the efficiency of data synchronization across your Apple devices and other platforms. Plus, we're diving into user reviews and ratings on the Apple App Store to give you the real scoop on how these apps perform in the hands of actual users.

Logo of Nutshell CRM

Nutshell CRM

Robust iOS CRM for field sales teams


Price increases per plan

Top Choice



Comprehensive mobile CRM for on-the-productivity


Fixed pricing plan

Logo of Zoho CRM


Customizable mobile CRM for small businesses


Free plan available, premium starts at $12

5 features every iOS CRM app should include

So, what makes a good CRM for iOS? Below are some of what we believe to be the key features that define an effective iOS CRM app. Each of these elements plays a crucial role in ensuring the CRM app not only fits into the iOS ecosystem but also makes life managing your business on the go just that much easier on iOS. 

5 benefits of using a CRM with a dedicated iOS app

Having access to your CRM from your pocket is clearly a massive productivity booster, but what other benefits can have a portable CRM provide? Let's explore how an efficient iOS CRM app not only enhances productivity but also enriches client interactions, ensures real-time data accuracy, and streamlines your workflow, even when you're on the move.

1. On the go access

With an efficient CRM app for iOS, you can access crucial customer data anytime, anywhere. For example, your salespeople in the field can instantly retrieve a client's history or update deal status right from their iPhone, ensuring they're always informed and responsive.

2. Real-time data updates

An iOS CRM app allows for immediate updating and retrieval of data. When a team member adds new client information on their iPad, it's instantly available across all devices. This feature is crucial for teams who need the most current data at their fingertips, whether they're in the office or on the move.

3. Enhanced customer interaction

iOS CRM apps facilitate better customer engagement by providing all necessary client information on the spot. For example, before a meeting, you can quickly review client details on an iOS device to personalize the conversation, making each client interaction more effective and meaningful.

4. Immediate data entry and retrieval

Sales teams can enter data into the CRM immediately after a client meeting, while details are still fresh. This means more accurate and comprehensive handling of data capture, improving the quality of information in the CRM.

5. Streamlined workflow

With functionalities like push notifications, iOS CRM apps keep users updated with important tasks and deadlines. A manager might receive an alert for a pending approval or an upcoming client meeting, helping to streamline workflow and prioritize tasks effectively while on the go.

Quick comparison of the 6 Best CRMs for iOS in 2024

Software Intro Price Differentiator
All-in-one CRM, excelling in mobile capabilities for seamless on-the-go productivity.
Interactive map view for lead tracking on the go.
Zoho CRM
Feature-rich iOS app, offering interactive interfaces, offline access, and seamless data synchronization.
Flexible CRM allowing customization of multiple sales pipelines.
Comprehensive iOS app offering desktop-level features for on-the-go sales management
Salesforce Sales Cloud 
Streamlined iOS app enriched by Einstein Analytics for intelligent pipeline management

1. Shape

Founded: 1999
HQ: Irvine, California, United States
Key Info
Price: $119/user/mo
Free plan: No
Support: 24/7 (In-product support + email)
Best For
Professionals needing efficient mobile client management and integrated communication on iOS devices
+ The mobile app efficiently handles daily tasks and appointments, ensuring a seamless user experience.
+ Receive instant notifications to stay informed about everything relevant to your needs.
+ The app's user-friendly interface ensures ease of use for all users.
- Steep learning curve
- The app currently lacks task management support, but it is in the development roadmap
Outlook, Gmail, Quickbooks, Zapier, Calendly, and many more
Pricing Model
Sales & Marketing CRM: $119/user/mo
Point of Sale: $47/user/mo
Lead Funnels: $299/mo

Shape is an all-in-one, industry-wide CRM using advanced automation to simplify and organize everyday work. It offers an iOS app with all the important CRM features from the desktop version to help maintain productivity even when you’re on-the-go. Your prioritized views, notes, contacts, and messages are all accessible on the app even without Wi-Fi so you are always on top of your leads.

The CRM’s timely and customizable push notifications also ensure you don't miss any important updates and can respond in real time. This, along with the ability to sync across all your iOS devices in real-time when connected to the internet means you can switch between devices without any interruption in your workflow. Shape does a good job operating with many iOS devices. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iOS 12.0 or later, Mac with macOS 11.0 or later, as well as a Mac with Apple M1 chip or later.

Shape mobile App leads view

One of the defining features of Shape’s iOS app is the built-in communications center, which includes in-app calls, text messages, and email integration. This feature allows you to make calls, view missed calls, record conversations, and check voicemail messages, all within the app, removing the need for a separate phone system. Not just calls, you can also manage your incoming and outgoing text messages and emails in one centralized location.

What’s more? Shape is soon to add task management functionality within the iOS app. In the upcoming app update, task and project management features will be added, allowing you to organize projects, set deadlines, and update task statuses directly on Shape CRM for iOS.

All the features are easily accessible through the app’s sleek, intuitive, and user-friendly interface. Many users find the mobile app helpful and convenient for on-the-go use, generally describing it as user-friendly and easy to navigate. They especially appreciate how easy it is to log calls and enter leads within the app. 

Shape mobile app calling page

This ease of use in addition to its wide range of features earned it a 4.2 rating on the App Store. Summing up the app’s performance, a satisfied user said 

“The Shape mobile app is a lifesaver! I can easily call, text, and email my customers. I especially use the texting feature more than anything and also to follow up on my newly updated accounts in the prioritized pipeline views. My internet went out recently and I was able to pick up my work right from my phone while the internet connection was being fixed”

At $119 monthly, you’ll have access to Shape’s complete sales and marketing CRM as well as the iOS app at no additional charge. Ultimately, with Shape’s CRM for iOS, you can seamlessly handle daily tasks and appointments, receive instant notifications, and stay informed on everything relevant to your needs, while also enjoying its ease of use. 

In the words of one of its many users, it is the perfect software for organizing and managing contacts and projects. Although the app doesn't support task management at the moment, the feature is in the roadmap.

2. Nutshell

Founded: 2009
HQ: Michigan, USA
Key Info
Price: $16 per user per month
Free plan: No; Trial: 14 Days
Support: Live chat (All Users), Phone support (Enterprise Users only)
Best For
Field sales agents needing mobile lead tracking, business card scanning, and seamless iOS integration.
+ Mobile App features an interactive map for viewing leads.
+ Seamless integration between mobile App and desktop CRM.
+ Simplifies contact addition via business card scanning.
- The mobile app doesn't display all CRM information, limiting its overall usability.
- Adding leads involves multiple steps, impacting the efficiency of simple tasks.
- App navigation is not intuitive
Zapier, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, HubSpot CRM and several others
Pricing Model
Foundation: $16 per user per month
Pro: $42 per user per month
Power AI: $52 per user per month
Enterprise: $67 per user per month

Nutshell is another customer relationship management software with an iOS app that helps you stay on top of every lead regardless of your location. It has a great map visualization feature that is perfect for tracking your hottest leads by viewing your saved lead lists on a smooth-scrolling and zoomable map.

Once you are logged into the app, you can instantly view and edit your contact and lead information, start new calls and emails in one click, and even create new leads using the business card scanner. The business card scanner is one of Nutshell’s iPhone CRM app’s standout features. All you have to do is scan a business card using your phone’s camera, and the app will automatically capture and add the contact's details to your lead database. 

Nutshell mobile app is also compatible with many iOS devices including iPhones and iPod touch with iOS 12.4 or later, Macs with macOS 11.0 or later and Macs with Apple M1 chip or later. You can sync all your activities across all these supported iOS devices as long as you are connected to the internet. Unfortunately, Nutshell is not compatible with iPad devices but the website has a responsive design and can be accessed from iPads. Additionally, the Nutshell iOS app supports mobile notifications and gives you control over the types of updates you receive so you are always responsive even when on the move. 

Nutshell mobile app home page

Comparing Nutshell’s PC version to the mobile app during our test, it was clear that the desktop version greatly outshines the mobile app. The iOS app is not as intuitive and non-tech-savvy users may find it hard to use. 

On the app store, it has a 3.4/5 score with many users saying the mobile app is not as powerful as the desktop version. 

A user said “The nutshell mobile app definitely isn’t as powerful as the desktop but the biggest annoyance for me is that it doesn’t have the emails functionality built in like the emails tab in the bottom left of the desktop nav bar. If you open a contact and click their email address, nothing happens. Wish nutshell would bring full email functionality including open tracking to the app.”

Nutshell mobile app maps view

Nutshell offers a 14-day trial after which you’ll need to commit to a paid plan starting at $16 monthly to retain your access. 

Overall Nutshell Mobile App’s interactive map view of leads, effortless business card scanning, and seamless integration between the mobile and desktop CRM make it one of the best CRM app for iphone. But when compared to the PC version, the mobile app is not as intuitive. Simple tasks like adding leads take several steps and it does not display all the information from the CRM, limiting its usability. 

3. Zoho CRM

Founded: 2005
HQ: Austin, Texas, United States; Chennai India
Key Info
Price: Starts at $0
Free plan: Yes; Trial: 14 days
Support: Phone, email & chat
Best For
Small businesses needing mobile CRM with customizable modules and seamless data synchronization.
+ App can be customized to meet specific business requirements.
+ Can access records remotely for on-the-go information retrieval.
+ Ensures seamless data synchronization, reducing manual sync needs.
- Users encounter bugs and frequent crashes, affecting the app's stability.
- The app lacks visual graphics, such as charts, in the analytics section.
- Limited features and capabilities, especially on iPad, reduce the mobile app's utility.
Salesforce, SugarCRM, OneDrive, and many more
Pricing Model
Standard: $12 per user/month
Professional: $20 per user/month
Enterprise: $35 per user/month
Ultimate: $45 per user/month

Zoho’s straightforward user interface, customizable modules, and automation tools make it a great fit for small businesses of any kind. Their iOS app offers a dynamic, interactive interface, push notifications, offline access, and the ability to sync data across all your devices making it perfect for field sales.

Due to how hectic and time-sensitive sales reps' activities are, tracking sales activities can be quite challenging. Zoho simplifies this by making crucial information such as deal details, relevant customer data, and contact history for tactical sales pitches, readily available with just a quick look at the app. 

However, when we evaluated Zoho’s CRM for iphone, we noticed that it lacked visual graphics like charts and graphs in the analytics section which can hinder decision-making. But what it lacks in visual data representation, it makes up for in contact management and ‘Nearby Me’ search features.

Zoho Mobile CRM leads view

Zoho has a powerful global search feature that helps you look up any contact information within the app and put through a call to them instantly. These calls can be logged, and you can jot down important details by adding notes. Alternatively, you can record voice notes and convert them to text. 

As the name implies, the nearby me search feature helps you locate prospects near you. The feature shows you who they are, their organization's location on the map, website links, and other necessary information you’ll need to analyze before reaching out. It even shows the best sales route to reach their location so your team don't spends much time on the road and more time selling.

Zoho CRM for iOS is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch with iOS 14.0 or later. Although it offers many of the features from the desktop version, like Nutshell CRM, its performance also falls behind the desktop app, especially on iPad.  

Zoho Mobile CRM account management view

Zoho's desktop CRM system provides a comprehensive experience due to its integration with over 40 different applications. Replicating this in the CRM for ipad is challenging which explains why the iOS app does not have all the functionalities available on the desktop. 

Despite this, the app remains highly functional, especially with features like map functionality and activity feeds. Additionally, it pulls majorly positive reviews from users who are not trying to mirror every aspect of the desktop experience on mobile device as reflected in its 4.4/5 score on the app store.

As a CRM for small businesses, Zoho offers a free CRM as well as paid plans between $12 to $45. With the most expensive below $50 monthly, it is an affordable choice for small businesses.

Altogether, the Zoho iOS app offers important features like remote access to records, seamless data synchronization between different systems, and customization to suit your specific business needs. On the flip side, it falls short in features and capabilities, especially on iPad, and there have been several reports from users about bugs and frequent crashes.

4. Pipedrive

Founded: 2010
HQ: New York, United States
Key info
Price: Starts at $14.90
Free plan: No; Trial: 14 Days
Support: 24/7 Email and Chat
Best for
Businesses on the move that need advanced mobile deal management.
+ Effortlessly manage deals on the go with user-friendly features.
+ Pipedrive mobile app grants access to the sales pipeline.
+ Teams collaborate conveniently with on-the-go status updates and notes.
Users face app freezes, crashes, and slow syncing issues.
- Limited search capabilities are reported by users.
- The mobile app's intuitiveness falls short compared to the desktop version.
Zapier, Xero, Quickbooks, QuarterOne, and many more
Pricing Model
Essential: $9.90 per month (one user)
Advanced: $19.90 per month (one user)
Professional: $39.90 per month (one user)
Power: $49.90 per month (one user)
Enterprise: $59.90 per month (one user)

Pipedrive is a flexible CRM that allows you to create multiple sales pipelines. Each of these sales pipelines can be customized with adaptable stages making them suitable for different products or services.

Pipedrive’s iOS app is full of useful CRM features like a mapping feature, calendar view, email marketing templates, sales automation, activities list, call logs, and more.

The mapping feature and calendar view stood out during our test. The former displays deals or contacts with physical addresses on a virtual map using the Google Maps API while the latter provides an interesting way of viewing all of a salesperson’s CRM activities. 

Pipedrive mobile App calendar view

The calendar view saves you time on planning as you can easily see important information like upcoming phone calls, meetings, unread emails, and be able to manage your schedule better. The CRM also has a search bar that provides quick access to any information. This could come in handy when preparing for meetings or looking up specific lead, deal, or contact information.

That’s not all. You can stay updated on any owned or followed deals, people, and organizations’ progress in real-time just by enabling push notifications. These notifications are not intrusive. You can choose which notifications you receive and how they are delivered.

However, our test revealed that Pipedrive’s iPhone and iPad app has the same limitations as many mobile CRMs on this list. It is less intuitive compared to the desktop version as several tasks require several clicks impacting our overall user experience.

Pipedrive is compatible with iPhones and iPads with iOS 16.0 or later as well as Macs with macOS 13.0 or later and those with Apple M1 chip or later. You can sync across all these devices when you are connected to the internet. 

Pipedrive CRM - Deals

Pipedrive has a 3.8 out of 5-star rating on the App Store, with many users noting that despite its efficiency, it doesn't get a 5-star rating due to the lack of some important features, such as “activities custom filtering”.

The software offers a generous 14-day free trial, after which you’ll have to subscribe for one of their paid subscription plans between $9.90 and $59.90 per month. 

Overall, Pipedrive’s iOS CRM software is effective for managing deals and encouraging team collaboration on the go, thanks to its ability to conveniently update status and notes. However, it comes with limited search and filtering capabilities and is overall less intuitive when compared to the desktop version.

5. Freshsales

Founded: 2010
HQ: San Mateo, California, United States
Key Info
Price: Starts at $0
Free plan: Yes; Trial: 15 days
Support: Email, phone, chat
Best For
Businesses seeking a versatile mobile CRM offering insights, customizable alerts, and user-friendly interface
+ The interface is clean and functional, avoiding unnecessary features overload.
+ Provide easy access to client contact information.
+ The mobile app is available in the free plan.
- Users report various bugs and glitches affecting the app's performance.
- The reporting feature lacks accuracy and reliability.
- Contact and call tracking features are not robust.
Google workspace, Zapier, Segment, Shopify, Typeform and many more
Pricing Model
Growth: $15/month
Pro: $39/month
Enterprise: $69/month

Freshsales’ iOS app offers an impressive range of desktop features for managing your contacts, deals, and accounts on the go, while also staying in touch with your prospects and team. 

These features include sales activities, push notifications, key metrics, and reports. With the Freshsales mobile app, you can track all your sales activities and identify those that lead to more conversions through reports. 

Freshsales calendar view

The insights from these reports help you streamline your sales process and close deals faster. You are also updated on all your deal’s details even when offline through push notifications so you can schedule follow-up activities immediately regardless of where you are.   

To prevent getting overwhelmed by numerous notifications, you can configure your app to only send alerts for specific events. 

The key metrics dashboard stood out when we tested Pipedrive. It gives you instant access to relevant information on your assigned deals and also removes the need to scroll through long lists of deals and leads when trying to identify who to contact. 

You can easily use filters to pinpoint the right set of contacts and ensure that they don’t slip off. For example, it shows you your warmest deals so you can send emails or make calls at the right time to move them to the next stage.

Freshsales Mobile CRM app UI

Freshsales also offers other features that add an extra touch and increase its versatility, such as the ability to make voice recordings. This can come in handy during meetings when you are unable to type summaries on your keyboard.

This iOS app is compatible with multiple devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch with iOS 13.0 or later. 

Despite all its features, Freshsales is user-friendly, thanks to its clean and functional interface, which is not overloaded with unnecessary features. However, users have reported several bugs, causing the app to be slow at times.

Pricing starts at $0, as it offers a free plan with limited sales and communication features for small teams with a maximum of 3 users. To accommodate more users and access more advanced features like multiple sales pipelines and custom sales activities, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid plans between $15 to $69 monthly.

Altogether, Pipedrive's clean interface, easy access to contact information, and a free plan that includes access to the mobile app earn it a spot on this list. It also boasts of a 4.5/5 rating on the App Store, as a testament to its ease of use and effectiveness. 

However, like other iOS CRMs, it has its drawbacks. Many users report experiencing various bugs and glitches, which negatively affect the overall user experience and can cause the app to run slowly. Additionally, the reporting feature sometimes produces inaccurate results making it unreliable.

6. Salesforce Sales Cloud

Founded: 1999
HQ: San Francisco, California, United States
Key Info
Price: Starts at $25
Free plan: No; Trial: 30 Days
Support: Phone & Email
Best For
Data driven businesses that want to optimize their sales process with AI powered automation and analytics
+ The user-friendly app is easy to navigate, ensuring a seamless experience.
+ Captures real-time data from clients efficiently.
+ Organizes and provides real-time client information effectively.
Users report frequent app crashes, impacting overall user experience.
- Limited offline access is noted by users.
- Challenges in uploading documents/photos have been reported by users.
isolar and over 3000 other apps
Pricing Model
Essentials: $25 per month for one user
Professional: $75 per month for one user
Enterprise: $150 per month for one user
Ultimate: $300 per month for one user

Salesforce Sales Cloud has a simple mobile version designed to offer a streamlined user experience. With the partnership with Einstein Analytics, you can leverage AI to manage your pipelines and sell products smartly.

The software also has a Sales Inbox that automates several administrative tasks and helps your sales reps focus on selling and maximizing each opportunity that comes their way. For instance, it suggests follow-ups for emails so that you never miss a chance to exploit important deals. 

Salesforce lead filtering

Then with the ability to create custom push notifications, you can receive timely reminders and alerts related to these follow-ups, and other activities that are crucial to your sales process. 

Many users who already use the Salesforce Sales Cloud desktop version appreciate the accessibility the Salesforce mobile app provides. In fact, some say that the mobile layouts support more customization.

However, like every Salesforce product, the major drawback with the iPhone app is that the price goes up with each added feature. For instance, to access Salesforce’s mobile mapping features, you’ll need to subscribe to Salesforce Maps, which starts at an extra $75 per user per month.

It also has many third-party apps to scan business cards but they come with a lot of unnecessary features and cost at least $8 a month.

Salesforce opportunity view

Although all the apps on Salesforce’s AppExchange are also accessible from the iOS app, their functionalities may vary due to the limitations of the mobile CRM experience. Only a few tasks allow offline access as activities such as global search list views, and creating Salesforce events, require internet access

Available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iOS 15.0 or later, the Salesforce iOS app boasts of a 4.7/5 rating on App Store. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate, captures real-time data from clients, and organizes it effectively to provide up-to-date client information. 

However, during our testing, we experienced difficulties in uploading documents and photos which could pose a problem when updating client records. Additionally, the app offers limited offline challenges which restricts its usability when you are in locations without internet access. 

Wrapping up

As we wrap up our guide to the best CRMs for iOS in 2024, we've given you a snapshot of the most efficient CRM apps on the market, each offering unique features like offline access, integrated communication, and real-time synchronization. Next steps? We recommend you dive deep into demos or free trials, and scour through user reviews on the App Store to find the perfect match for your business needs. This hands-on approach will give you a real feel for each app's interface and functionality, helping you make an informed decision. In the ever-mobile world of business, the right iOS CRM can be a game-changer in managing your customer relationships and staying ahead of the curve. We hope this article has been useful to you!


Our Top Pick - Shape


4.8/5 - from 2,000+ reviews

All-in-one software for marketing, sales, customer service, CRM, and operations. Improve communication and maximize your business.

Please note: All pricing mentioned in this article is based on information available as of 02-02-2024 and sourced from the respective companies' public pricing pages. While we strive for accuracy, we recommend verifying with the specific company for the most up-to-date details.

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