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Mortgage Coaching: Your Guide to the Top 10 Mortgage Coaching Programs

Top 10 Mortgage Coaching Programs

The mortgage industry is not for complacent individuals. In fact, loan originators often work harder than anyone else to achieve their goals.

But to become successful in this industry, working harder isn’t always enough. It’s about working in the right direction. And who knows better about helping you achieve your goals than mortgage coaches, who’ve been there and done it all?

The mortgage industry boasts dozens of experienced coaches and trainers. The problem is, how do you pick a good coach? When there are more mortgage coaches in the market than ever before, how do you find the one that can really help you bring your mortgage business to the next level?

Here are the best mortgage coaching programs worth your time and commitment.

1. Growth Only (GO!) with Amir Syed

Amir has been in the mortgage business for 20 years and co-founded Growth Only (GO!) Coaching with fellow loan officer Justin Lopatin.

In 2021, Amir personally produced $150M in loan production ($100M in purchase volume) and led a group of 5 Loan Officers to over $650M in production. Both Amir and Justin have funded over $1B in personal production over the past 10 years.

GO! Coaching has three levels, all with access to GO! Creativ, their in-house content marketing coach.

Level 1: Foundations

Comprised of any and all Loan Officers, Branch Managers and/or Executives that simply want general community and comradery with access to many of the self-paced eClassrooms and masterclasses.

Level 2: Accelerator

Solo Loan Officers looking to increase their organic lead generation while also implementing the basic foundations of content marketing and yearning for structure and accountability.

Level 3: Elite

High producing Loan Officers and Branch Managers that have more of a scaling problem, learn how to build a business that hums and grows without them for periods of time.

All coaches are active, top producing Loan Officers and Branch Managers that coach with high specificity and tactic
Flexible pricing model: several hundred dollars for entry programs to thousands of dollars for Elite Coaching

2. High Trust Coaching with Todd Duncan

High Trust Coaching was founded by Todd Duncan, an award-winning trainer, and consultant with almost three decades of experience in the mortgage industry.

Todd Duncan is also the author behind the New York Times bestseller High Trust Selling: Make More Money In Less Time with Less Stress

Their coaching features three different levels:

Producer Level Coaching

Producer Level Coaching focuses on elevating productivity for loan officers through business discipline and measurable results. It includes bi-weekly coaching calls, a performance dashboard tracking system and also grants discounts to High Trust events.

Master Level Coaching

Master Level Coaching is designed for accomplished loan originators, branch managers, and team leaders and focuses on strategies to build long-term scalable business. The coaching level also grants access to quarterly master classes from Todd Duncan.

Elite Level Coaching

Elite Level Coaching is a one-year membership for a small selection of qualified candidates. The coaching is designed and curated by Todd Duncan and covers high-end areas of business development such as market share growth, self-leadership, management of high performance sales teams, and brand development.

A selection of programs for both entry-level LO’s and established mortgage professionals​
Strong focus on measurable results and self-accountability​
Custom enterprise solutions​
Flexible pricing model: several hundred dollars for entry programs and thousands of dollars for elite coaching​

3. The CORE Training with Rick Ruby

The CORE Training, Inc. was established in 2001. It is an elite coaching company for Mortgage Lending and Real Estate professionals. The CORE provides proven systems and tactics for Mortgage Lenders and Real Estate Agents to net more income, run more efficient teams and businesses, and accumulate wealth.

The program focuses primarily on keeping mortgage professionals accountable for their success and provides trainees with a plan, accountability partner, community, and competitive environment.

CORE Training has three levels of loan officer coaching:

Level 1

Level 1, or entry level, is a program that includes an elaborate plan and access to group coaching sessions. The program also pairs trainees with accountability partners from CORE’s wide network of experienced mortgage professionals who guide Level 1 participants through instructional videos and audios.

Step 1. Initial Contact
Step 2. Tracking and Knowing Your Numbers
Step 3. Basic Lists and Target Marketing
Step 4. Building Rapport
Step 5. Basic Organization
Step 6. Basic Time Blocking
Step 7. Mastering the Close
Step 8. Reading and Mastering Guidelines
Step 9. Basic Setting Up and Turning in a Great File
Step 10. Basic Follow Up
Step 11. Psychology & Emotion of the Business
Step 12. Goal Setting and Business Planning

Level 2 & 3

To access Level 2 and Level 3 coaching tiers you need to meet income requirements and visit the Summit event that is regularly held by CORE. At these levels you get access to top producing mortgage and real estate coaches, greater accountability plans, and devoted Facebook groups.

Strong “DO IT” mentality​
Individual performance boost​​
Community events for networking opportunities​
Level 1 coaching costs $750 per month​

4. M1 Academy with Phil Treadwell

Phil Treadwell is a mindset & business coach, national speaker and podcaster. He is the Founder of M1 Academy and the Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast where he helps professionals build more effective and efficient businesses.

Addtionally, Phil was named one of the 40 Most Influential Mortgage Professionals Under 40 in 2019 by National Mortgage Professional Magazine, and he was also named one of their Most Connected Mortgage Professionals in 2021 & 2022.

Premium Coaching

As part of the premium coaching program, you'll receive an hour-long initial goal setting call and access to various resources and personalized support through M1 Academy. This includes live weekly 60-minute Zoom group coaching sessions led by Phil, as well as a personalized action plan for daily habits and non-negotiables. The M1 Academy custom app will be at your fingertips for easy access to materials including social media, content, and business planning resources as well as a standard workout routine and meal plan to support your overall well-being. Also included is a GoalKloud membership, progress tracking, and the opportunity to immerse yourself in hours of coaching calls and training videos.

Elite Coaching

With the elite coaching program, you’ll receive all of the items from the premium program as well as more detailed personalized support via bi-weekly one on one calls with Phil, a custom action plan and detailed business and systems planning. This program also involves brand creation, core values and product offerings. You will be given a custom training routine and nutrition plan, plus free VIP tickets to M1 academy events and trainings and daily access to support and guidance from Phil.

Offers a free 30 minute coaching session
Monthly recurring option with no minimum number of months
M1 Academy custom app offers ease of access to additional resources
Flexible pricing model: several hundred dollars for entry programs to thousands of dollars for Elite Coaching

5. Mortgage Champions with Dale Vermillion

Mortgage Champions was founded by Dale Vermillion, a leading mortgage industry trainer, speaker, and consultant.

Over the course of 25 years, Dale and his company have trained more than 1 million loan originators and consulted more than 600 organizations.

Mortgage Champions currently provides three distinct training solutions to address the specific needs of teams of different sizes.


Saleslyft is a sales-focused fast-track program for small companies with up to 12 members that equips teams with a proven and systematic approach to sales in just under 4 hours. The program costs $249 and contains a library of tips, techniques and strategies that you can instantly start using to enhance your sales process. Saleslyft is available online and can be accessed from any device on-demand within 30 days of purchase. Plus, the program actively uses gamification to make the learning experience engaging and increase your knowledge retention.

MC Online

MC Online is a training solution for bigger teams that want to improve their performance across several dimensions and includes modules for sales training, new hires onboarding, process-based management, operational performance, and service. The program aims at systematic improvement of team performance by establishing effective processes and workflows that will grow your business for years.


Enterprise consulting addresses the particular challenges of enterprise clients and largely involves Dave’s personal consulting and experience as both an ex-C-suite level mortgage manager and trusted consultant for several hundreds enterprises.

Variety of online, on-premise, and hybrid programs​
Strong focus on sales and crisis management​
Vast C-level consulting experience​
Specific role-based training modules for new hires, service workers, and management​
$249 per learner for Saleslyft​
$899 for Mortgage Champions Online™ 6-week program​
Individual pricing for enterprise consulting​

6. InDesign with Roland Cochrun

Roland Cochrun is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker and the founder of InDesign, his coaching program for Loan Officers where he emphasizes the importance of developing your personal brand.

At InDesign, Roland works to help Loan Officers increase their share of the referral market, build local authority, and grow their reach.

In-Person Experience

Roland’s coaching platform centers around 3 in-person events. At these events, participants are surrounded by other like-minded individuals also looking to grow their impact and personal brand. Roland credits these in-person events as the reason for exceptionally fast results across just 2.5 days.


In between the main events, Roland provides coaching calls, interactions with others in the InDesign community, and various resources to keep the momentum going. The InDesign program follows a proven method to help you create an authentic personal brand that generates leads and increases your share of the referral market. Ample support and connections are provided beyond the in-person events to ensure you stay focused and continue moving forward.

Unique coaching model that focuses on individual talents to grow your impact and personal brand
Available upon request

7. Academy 18 with Coach Kyle Draper

Academy 18 Coaching was founded by Kyle Draper and Landon Hale. Kyle, a pastor, turned roofer, and then finally into the mortgage and RE world, is a Video Marketing Therapist who helps people get comfortable in front of the camera.

Kyle is the author of Rethink Everything You “Know” About Social Media.

Their coaching features several levels…

Academy 18 Weekly

Weekly coaching is broken up into two parts. 30 minutes of social media coaching and another 30 minutes of real estate coaching. Why is it done this way? To increase lenders' ability to use social media and to give lenders a front-row seat to what their Realtor partners need most and how they can serve them better.

Content Compounding

A video-editing service where they coach you to create four videos per month (4-10 minutes long) and edit them for Youtube, then Academy 18 generates micro-content from those videos so that you have over 20 pieces of content to post each month.

Academy 18 Live

Two-day intensives where they take a small group of people to a unique location and invest in one another, themselves, and their businesses. Participants are said to leave with clarity, a renewed passion for what they do, and a roadmap to success.

Daily accountability to keep yourself in front of the camera and top of mind to their people
A consistent social media presence that attracts new business and reminds those who already know you to refer you
A unique insight into the needs of realtors and how to serve them better
Different options from $98/month to $997/month

8. Building Champions with Daniel Harkavy

Building Champions coaching has a sharp focus on leadership training and mentorship. The case studies mostly revolve around helping companies establish high-performing teams, strengthen their cultures, and overcome particular enterprise-level challenges.

The coaching has a wide roster of executive-level mentors and coaches with unique skills, and you’re free to select any coach to address the specific needs of your company — from crisis management and professional growth to effective communication and mission development.

Currently, there are six coaching options available with Building Champions:

Leadership coaching

Small business coaching

Executive coaching

CEO mentor

Focused 360 coaching

Mortgage leadership coaching

Mortgage leadership coaching programs include customized team experiences for better team alignment and on-site workshops for bringing the training to your team.

Sharp focus on building leadership skills and strengthening high-performance company culture​
Customized proposal for every organization​

9. 20/20 Vision For Success with Christine Beckwith

Christine Beckwith is an award-winning coach with a long history of success in the mortgage industry as both a top producing loan officer and experienced executive manager of a national fintech platform.

She has a wealth of practical knowledge on all types of topics ranging from mortgage marketing to the future of disruptive tech in this industry.

Christine’s company, 20/20 Vision for Success Coaching, offers sales-accelerating coaching programs designed to help participants develop successful strategies for increased sales, expanded networking, and superior execution.

Currently, Vision for Success has three distinct coaching programs:

Gold Sales Accelerator

Gold Sales Accelerator is a 12-month coaching program that includes a full virtual training curriculum, one-hour coaching session per month, live support training and advanced quarterly sales classes.

Elite Platinum Sales

The Elite Platinum Sales program includes everything from Gold Sales Accelerator as well as at least one hour long coaching session monthly, accountability checks with Christine, virtual training for up to five, and access to a Mastermind group with peer participants.

20/20 Vision Elite Division

20/20 Vision Elite Division provides top industry leaders with coaching on business scaling expertise, leadership, sales, and marketing. The program also includes custom events for participants.

Sharp focus on sales excellence from both an individual and technological perspective​
Christine is deeply involved in all coaching programs to ensure a successful outcome​
Available upon request​

10. AMPLIFII by Rene Rodriguez

Rene Rodriguez is a keynote speaker and a world-class sales expert with a history of advising leadership teams at Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Bank of America. Additionally, he’s been named in the 40 under 40 list for 7 years straight.

Over the years, Rene and his company, Volentum, have trained over 100,000 people in behavioral psychology to tackle some of the toughest challenges in leadership, sales, and change.

Yet AMPLIFII, Rene’s workshop, is not your typical mortgage training program and Rene Rodriguez won’t be teaching you how to prospect or follow up on your leads.

Leadership Training

Throughout a three-day masterclass, Rene teaches small groups of professionals how to become more powerful presenters, communicators, and influencers.

Communication Tools

The masterclass helps mortgage professionals easily present their ideas in public, strike a chord with their clients from the get-go, and become inspiring leaders for their teams.

A fast-track to becoming a powerful presented and negotiator​
An extremely personal approach with a small group of participants​
Acquired ability to present ideas under huge stress​
$4,995 for a three-day event​

Choose the Right Mortgage Coaching Program for your Mortgage Business

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all training program. Having choices is crucial when it comes to deciding on the best mortgage coaching program for your business. Take time to think deeply about what you really want to happen in your business and find the coach and program that’s a genuine fit for your team.

Once you’ve gotten the coaching, our platform makes it easy to do the rest. Shape CRM will help your agents consistently follow up on their leads, automate routine, non-revenue generating tasks, and address compliance issues before they start affecting your bottom line.


See how Shape's automation can help grow your mortgage business.

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