The mortgage industry has been floundering for the past few years. Skittish from the housing crisis of the early 2000’s, banks have decreased the number of loans they give away. Now they’re trying to bounce back. As a result they’ve had to resort to tactics like lower down payment requirements and more flexible credit score considerations to get new customers through the door.

These methods speak to a new wave of marketing methodology that has popped up across all industries. By decreasing the barriers for entry and streamlining everyday business offerings, companies can provide a level of service that exceeds expectations. In fact, an average of 51% of companies have begun to implement strategies like marketing automation to achieve these exact goals. Smart marketing teams are already preparing for this next phase of the industry. Are you one of them?

Shape is an all-inclusive cloud software specifically built for the mortgage industry.​

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Marketing Automation and Mortgage

Among the many benefits we’ve already listed, the mortgage industry needs to refocus their efforts on winning back trust from prospects. There are several practical tasks you can start using right now to make that happen. Here’s a rundown of ideas to get you started:

  • Provide intake forms that get straight to the point.

    To stand out, create a design that showcases simplicity and elegance. Some CRMs like Shape offer drag-and-drop tools for form building to keep things consistent.

  • Ensure that clients are given enough time to work with Loan Officers.

    One easy solution for this is to evenly divide leads by anticipating priority levels and duplicate merging. The right business management software can help you do this right from your intake form.

  • Create a seamless customer service experience.

    This is important both for client-facing tasks and behind the scenes as most customers can see right through thinly veiled excuses for disorganization. Make sure you set up a convenient online location for every member of your team to check in. It will also keep clients on the same page as you move along in the process.

  • Enhance email newsletter initiatives with intuitive templates.

    Email communication is an important trust-building method as the information you provide should make a positive impact on readers. Include interesting content or relevant anecdotes. We know you don’t realistically have time to personalize each message. However, that shouldn’t stop you from making each one unique.

  • Use a program that offers auto-fill data straight from your CRM.

    It should also allow you to set triggers that will forward drafted emails after certain stages are complete, making sure you never miss an opportunity to provide excellent service.

  • Improve your workflow in order to refocus time and attention on to clients.

    You can do this by connecting programs you already know and use to your CRM. Having one combined platform for getting things done saves time. You won’t have to sift through multiple tabs and windows for information.

  • You’ll be able to calculate pricing faster, speeding up the decision making process for prospects.

    Faster, more accurate service makes for happier, more satisfied clients.

No matter what the future holds, make sure you prepare for the things within your control, like customer satisfaction and streamlining procedures.

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