When done correctly, digital marketing can be a lender or realtor’s best friend. Building an end-to-end campaign that generates high-quality leads, brings them into your funnel, nurtures them, and ultimately converts means more (ideally, repeatable) revenue for your business. Easy, right?

Well, without a proven system or technology in place to track and measure the return on your investment, marketing can be your business’s Achilles Heel, especially when you consider a quarter of companies have no idea what their return on marketing spend is. If you can’t track new leads, measure conversion rates, understand your best converting sources, or even what pieces of content are performing effectively, how can you possibly expect to invest your marketing spend wisely?

Then comes the arduous process of writing the content and building the campaign. You could hire a marketing team or even just a single marketer to help, but that can be a costly investment of both your time and money. You’ll need to get them up to speed on your services, ideal clients, and business as a whole before they even begin to build you a digital ad campaign.

Or, you could opt for the new partnership that will simplify the end-to-end work of promoting and growing your business with mortgage and real estate experts who already know and understand the challenges and how to overcome them: Shape + Exclusive Marketing Agency!

Special Offer For New Clients

Looking to take your mortgage or real estate business to the next level? Sign up for the Shape + EMA bundle and get double the rewards!
For a limited time only, start with Shape CRM and EMA and receive $100 off of Shape + 10% off of your first month of service with EMA.
*Up to a $595 value – offer valid to new customers of Shape Software and Exclusive Marketing Agency who sign up for a free demo and onboard by January 31, 2021.

Shape + Exclusive Marketing Agency (EMA) Partnership

With Shape’s new partnership with the financial services marketing experts at Exclusive Marketing Agency, lenders and realtors of all sizes can now get a top-tier plug-and-play marketing agency at their fingertips for less than the cost of a single employee. With Shape CRM serving as your backend platform, you can run, track, and analyze high-converting campaigns that help you focus on nurturing and building long-lasting client relationships.

How it Works

Exclusive Marketing Agency’s all-in-one program, a mortgage and real estate tailored digital marketing and lead generation offering, partners perfectly with Shape’s industry-driven CRM platform to create a complete relationship that builds and nurtures experience for your potential customers.
EMA provides your business with:
Once you work with EMA to build your campaigns, use Shape to:

Of the new partnership, John Seckel, President of Exclusive Marketing Agency, states, “Shape has been a terrific lead nurturing and tracking partner for EMA. Generating a lead is one thing, but having the proper infrastructure to maximize the campaign’s ROI is key. Shape provides this service to our clients.”

For a limited time only, start with Shape CRM and EMA and receive $100 off of Shape + 10% off of your first month of service with EMA.

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