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Double Your Leads and Boost Closing Rates With Shape + leadPops


In this new digital mortgage era, loan officers and mortgage teams are busier than ever before with new lead inquiries. Rates are low and more buyers are looking to purchase—this should be a good problem to have, but what happens when you don’t have a system in place that helps you keep up with demand and stay organized?

Enter the Shape CRM + leadPops seamless integration.

With Shape + leadPops working in harmony, you can say goodbye to low-quality leads while  ensuring your teams have an end-to-end workflow in place that prevents any qualified lead from slipping through the cracks.


Integration Benefits at a Glance

  1. Use leadPops to create dynamic and engaging lead funnels

  2. Automatically import high-quality leads directly into Shape CRM

  3. Use Shape’s relationship management tools to seamlessly nurture new leads

  4. Close more deals than ever before!

Better leads. More deals.

With the Shape + leadPops integration you can build engaging lead funnels that send prospect info from your website directly into Shape. Kick off your client relationship on the right foot and never miss out on a new opportunity again.

  • Improve lead quality by more easily and accurately defining valuable, qualified leads

  • Increase response rates with Shape’s QuickFire Connect, by sending an alert to call a lead and help ensure contact is made quickly and never forgotten

  • Get up-to-the-second data on sales activities to better align your marketing and sales goals and initiatives

  • Increase quality of positive brand interactions with professional marketing and onboarding content

Grow revenue. Stay organized. 

Having a steady flow of exclusive, free leads is great, but the Shape + leadPops integration takes it a step further by ensuring your team has all the tools they need to stay organized and sustainably grow your revenue for years to come.

  • Keep your team on track with a holistic view of all your new leads, all in one place

  • Measure marketing campaign effectiveness to maximize your spend and boost ROI

  • Gather valuable lead data upfront so you can understand prospect needs and trigger the best communications for their situation

  • Improve efficiency in customer service by troubleshooting problems more effectively

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To celebrate this integration, new Shape customers will receive $100 off their setup fee through August 31st, 2020.


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