All-Inclusive Cloud Software Built for the Way a Business Thinks.

Introducing Shape. You know, for minor things like increased profits, and an empowered workforce. Dare we say – a happy workforce? Yes, you really can have it all with Shape’s features, workflows, integrations, and cloud software you can grow like a company twice your size by leveraging technology and automation tailor-made to your industry.


Create, automate, measure, and optimize all your online marketing in one place. Really, there’s multitasking, and then there’s well, fragmented chaos. We think easy multitasking is better.


Increase productivity, sell more, and work less. Organize your pipeline and collapse the sales cycle with Shape software. No more redundant, senseless busy work. Just selling.


Create real relationships with your customers with the ability to communicate seamlessly through intuitive, intelligent tools for emailing, texting, calling, and more.


Use Shape’s custom reports to analyze and manage your data to make informed decisions.

Do More, Manage More with Shape.

Shape’s CRM software gives you efficient tools to manage all of your contacts and accounts in one place. Eliminate spreadsheets, obliterate the data entry blues.

User Friendly

Enrich your contact records automatically and eliminate additional data entry. Actions and workflows are tracked automatically. Deals are displayed on one dashboard for total visibility without having to use multiple windows or systems.


Now your team can share contact records, data, documents, dashboards, and workflows all in one place. Easily identify hot leads and follow up with the enthusiasm they deserve.


You’re always on your phone. Shouldn’t your business be as accessible? Shape’s responsive design allows you to stay connected with total portability. Never again will a team member say “I’ll do it when I’m back at a computer.” Which let’s face it, might be never if they’re busy closing deals.

Gain unparalleled insight & control your business strategy.

Shape’s reports display your key performance indicators across our business intelligence dashboards. These reports give you the ability to monitor and improve your business by having the data and information presented in a responsive user interface.

Manage Your Leads

Access each contact’s information and see every interaction you’ve already had. Use this data to create hyper-targeted campaigns that close more deals.

Reduce Data Entry

Reduce manual data entry. This is why salespeople love Shape! Every lead’s contact info, opened email, and clicks gets logged automatically. Spend selling hours on selling, not data entry!

Efficient Scheduling

Reduce missed calls and back and forth emails by sending a link that lets your prospects and customers pick a time that works for all parties.


Make calls directly from the system with Shape’s integrated phone software. Click, and you’re in with Shape API. Choose to record the conversation or take notes, and a phone log is automatically saved on your prospect with each call.

SMS Messaging

Programmatically send, receive and track text messages. Built-in intelligent SMS logic in your system allows for local, toll-free, and short-code numbers sent globally from one API. Confirm message delivery with real time status. Automatic queueing of concurrent messages.

You’ve Got Mail

Send emails, create drip campaigns, and schedule meetings directly within your Shape system. Shape lets you auto-connect with Gmail, Outlook, or custom email settings. Get notified the instant a prospect opens your email, and engage your customers at the perfect time.

Send Customized Emails

Create a series of customized emails and deliver them to a potential client on a pre-set schedule.

Real-Time Email Notifications

Receive an alert the moment a prospect opens an email, clicks a link, or downloads an attachment so you can reach out at the ideal time.

Measure Email Responsiveness

Increase open rates and click-throughs with impressive email templates. Automatically personalize subject lines and copy for each recipient. Run test campaigns and optimize customer engagement.

We Have the Perfect Solution for Your Business

Shape has business software solutions for every industry. Shape gives you a full suite of tools to scale up your sales, without adding to your workload. Everyone calls it the super-system, we just call it Shape.

The Power of Simplicity

With Shape, you don’t need to decide between different product offerings. All of our features are included in one system for an affordable price.

Shape is more than just business technology. Shape’s software enables you to create, automate, measure, and optimize all of your online marketing in one place. You hate busy work and guesswork, so we made it easy.