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Encompass + Shape
Convert More Leads. Close More Loans.

With Shape and Encompass working together, originators can now seamlessly start a new Encompass loan files from within Shape, and synchronize borrower information and loan milestones between Shape and Encompass automatically.

Create new loan files in Encompass from Shape.

Automatically create loan files in Encompass once a borrower completes a digital 1003 application in Shape, ensuring a flawless 3.4 MISMO file upload of the information instantly.

Receive loan milestone updates instantly from Encompass.

Seamlessly synchronize borrower loan milestones between Shape CRM and the Encompass LOS. As milestones are reached in Encompass, Shape will receive the status update within seconds, eliminating double work.

Push uploaded borrower documents from Shape POS to Encompass.

Using Shape's integrated borrower portal, you can request borrower needs lists and immediately send approved borrower loan documents directly into Encompass.

Automatically follow up with borrowers and partners with loan process updates.

Flexible and customizable email and text campaigns in Shape provide a quick and effective way to keep borrowers, agents, and other loan stakeholders up to date as Encompass milestones are reached.

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