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Seamlessly create new loans between Shape and LendingPad automatically. Migrate existing LendingPad loan borrower contact records into Shape and synchronize borrower information and documents between Shape and LendingPad automatically on a regular basis as LendingPad loan files are updated.

Create and receive new loan files between LendingPad and Shape.

Automatically create loan files in LendingPad once a borrower completes a digital 1003 application in Shape, ensuring a flawless upload of the information. Furthermore, when a new loan file is added directly in LendingPad first, a new record is established in Shape to facilitate updates across systems.

Receive loan status, critical dates, and note updates from LendingPad within minutes.

Seamlessly synchronize borrower loan updates and milestones between Shape CRM and the LendingPad LOS. As critical dates and notes are updated in LendingPad, Shape will receive the date, status, and corresponding notes, eliminating double data entry.

Push uploaded borrower documents from Shape POS to LendingPad.

Using Shape's integrated borrower portal, you can request borrower needs lists and immediately send approved borrower loan documents directly into LendingPad.

Automatically follow up with borrowers and partners with loan process updates.

Flexible and customizable email and text campaigns in Shape provide a quick and effective way to keep borrowers, agents, and other loan stakeholders up to date as LendingPad statuses are met.

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LendingPad's cloud-based LOS solutions improve the efficiency, compliance, and information security of brokers, lenders, and depository institutions. Simplify the mortgage origination process while cutting the overall cost of mortgage lending.