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Upgrade to the all-in-one CRM, sales, and marketing automation software that will help you scale your company. Gain access to greater contact organization, fewer repetitive tasks, robust marketing and sales automation, and connected apps.

Intake, distribute, and qualify leads from your lead sources.

Easily consolidate all of your leads from various marketing channels into a single database. Streamline outreach and convert more sales to your pipeline with automated tracking, distribution, and lead scoring.
Identify and merge duplicates and conflicts of interest automatically, and allocate fresh leads to the appropriate staff members. Duplicate management and distribution rules save you time and ensure that your marketing and sales operations work 24/7.
ShapeIQ assigns a score to each lead, allowing you to quickly choose the one with the best chance of closing today. Remove the guesswork from lead qualification so that your team can concentrate on what matters most: closing the best deals.
Shape’s built-in VoIP telephony solution enables your agents to seamlessly receive inbound and make outbound calls directly from Shape’s user interface. Automatic call tracking, conditional routing, voicemail drop, and prioritized call lists empower your team to engage with your leads and contacts faster.
Shape’s Shark Tank is an effective way to breathe new life into old or neglected records. Allow users to claim records that haven’t resulted in a deal via a shared lead pool created using configurable rules. This type of structure can be automated to ensure that opportunities are not overlooked and have the opportunity to be reworked.

Increase conversion rates by engaging more prospects in less time.

Timing is critical. Responding in less than 5 minutes leads to 9x more meaningful conversations. Improve your contact speed by using QuickFire Connect, which creates healthy competition among users to claim and call new leads as soon as they are posted into your system.
Through intuitive call scripts, guide agents through customer conversations, allowing them to quickly learn and select the best response. Shape call scripts are simple to create, update, and optimize, and they appear directly in the dialer.
Arm your sales staff with local presence phone numbers in area codes that your customers are familiar with, increasing pickup rates and assisting cold calling attempts. Plus, the ability to easily drop pre-recorded messages into a lead’s inbox frees up your team’s time to focus on live contacts rather than leaving the same message over and over.
If you’re not using video in your marketing, you’re missing out on one of the most popular ways for people to consume content. Share educational video marketing content via email and text using BombBomb and embeddable video links to connect better with customers.

Automate personalized communications to borrowers and referral partners at all stages of the loan process. Shape’s best practices content library, created by mortgage marketing experts, is simple to implement and engages your customers from lead to post-close. Connect to your LOS for seamless milestone updates without lifting a finger.

Streamline the lending process with a digital 1003 portal and LOS syncing.

Shape’s built-in client portal provides borrowers with a virtual hub where they can complete 1003 applications and upload documents to expedite the loan process. Take customers through an easy-to-use survey-style questionnaire that collects all necessary information and documentation and is accessible from any device.

Automatically sync your loan data from your Loan Origination Software (LOS) with Shape to substantially increase the loan process’ efficiency from start to finish. Shape integrates with the most popular LOS systems quickly and effortlessly.

Use Shape’s 3.4 MISMO or 3.2 FNM import and export features to quickly establish new loans in both CRM and LOS systems without having to manually retype borrower information.

For team collaboration and transparency, assign numerous department users to a single record — no more unassigning and re-assigning for record access. Views can be customized based on departmental requirements and permissions all in one multi-object database.

Automate mortgage communications by nurturing leads to application, updating borrowers and referral partners at crucial loan milestones, and offering omnichannel post-close outreach to attract repeat business, so lenders can focus on what they do best – closing more loans.

Get full visibility into your process to forecast & deliver exceptional results.

Learn about user login sessions, communication overviews, and how frequently leads are converted into opportunities. For sales and marketing oversight, these reports can be filtered to see the performance of an individual, team, and lead source.
Measure lead generation and campaign performance through data-driven intelligence. Identify trends and patterns to analyze how to improve current processes and build future strategies.
Call center data and call recordings can be used to assess the effectiveness of your sales teams. To boost sales and customer retention, monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to track performance, agent productivity, and interactions.
To improve your outreach and fine-tune your target audience, capture sent email data on open rates, times, and click-throughs on links and attachments.
Shape’s custom report generator allows you to report on data that is exclusive to your company. Use criteria like unique headings, columns, sorting, calculations, filtering, and more to tailor your report templates to your team and goals.

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