What is Outbound Voicemail Drop?

Outbound voicemail drop messages are (also known as voicemail automation) is a type of sales technology that is designed to accelerate the process of leaving voicemail messages. Once you hear the *beep* to leave your voicemail, simply click the Voicemail Drop Button in your dialer to leave the voicemail and end the call automatically!

Note: This feature only supports the MP3 format with bitrates of 320kbps or lower. Higher bitrates will not play back properly.

First navigate to “Settings” in the top gradient navigation bar and click the “Phone Settings” dropdown on the left-hand side to find the “Outbound Voicemail Drop” settings page.

Outbound Voicemail Drop: https://setshape.com/support-guides/outbound-voicemail-messages

Upload your files by clicking or dropping files on the upload area. This feature only supports the MP3 format with bitrates of 320kbps or lower. Higher bitrates will not play back properly.

Click the “Choose” dropdown in the action column to edit the name of your file, listen to the recording, or delete the recording.

Dropping your Voicemail to your Clients

When making an outbound call and the customer does not answer, simply wait for the *beep* as you normally would then click the “Voicemail Drop” icon in the Shape dialer. This will end the call so you can move on to calling other customers and the voicemail recording will play for them!

Note: Shape adheres to all regulations involving autodialing. It is for this reason that you must wait for the beep and manually click the voicemail drop button to leave the voicemail. Clicking any earlier will lead to a failed voicemail drop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Shape, we are a SOC 2 compliant company, holding the highest standards of security in the software space. With this we must adhere to all white-hat compliant standards, auto-dialing is a gray area and does not meet white-hat compliant standards, therefore we do not support auto-dialing. You can still click to call and dial from your system, but it must be manned by a user in order for us to remain in compliance. We protect not only ourselves from compliance issues, but also our clients alike!

User roles in your system will not be able to use any voicemail recordings that they did not upload.

However, if a manager or director role has user assigned to them then those users will be able to use that manager or directors recordings.

This is likely due to the uploaded file but please reach out to support@setshape.com and our dedicated support team will be happy to look into this!

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