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Record Assignment Permissions in Shape

Record Assignment Permissions by User Role

The Record Assignment Permissions settings page within Shape allows you to choose which user roles have permissions to assign and re-assign records to users in Shape.


Got to Settings > Record Assignment Permissions

Start by clicking “Settings” in the top navigation bar and selecting the “User & Permissions” dropdown on the left-hand side to find the “Record Assignment Permissions” settings page

Record Assignment Permissions:


Use the check boxes to select which user roles have the permission to assign records

Here you will see the options for user roles. User roles that have a check mark will allow any user in that role to assign and re-assign records within Shape.

Any role left unchecked here will not have the permission to assign records in your system. Your Shape system comes defaulted to only allow Admins, Managers, and Directors to assign records.


Limit how many records the User role can assign per day

If you’d like to limit the amount of user assignments per day, check the “User Assignment Limit” check mark and enter in the maximum amount of records to assign per day.

Please keep in mind that when selecting the limit for assignments per day, this also includes records assigned through distribution rules and can cause issues with distribution if you don’t account for those numbers. If users reach their limit, they will not be assigned any more records until the following day.

Note: Your Shape CRM comes defaulted to only allow users with the Admin, Director, and Manager roles to assign/re-assign records. The User role does not have this ability by default but can be given the permission to assign records from this settings page.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! This is set up through distribution caps on the distribution rules settings page.

You can limit how many leads your users can receive hourly, daily, or monthly!

Distribution Rules Guide:

By default, the User role in Shape will be able to change the status on records they are assigned. However if you need them to change the status on multiple records, this can be done from the Role Permissions settings page by checking the box for “User” on the “Multi-Change Status?” row.

This is due to your record visibility being set to “View Assigned Records only” and your search permission being “All Records”. You can still see the record from a list view when searched and add a note but if you are not assigned to the record, then you will be unable to open them or call/text/email them in Shape.

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