Add Calendar Events

Use this API call to add Calendar events to Shape that are tied to a record ID

POST /lead/add/calendar/event

To create calendar events, send an authorized POST request to


Create calendar events with these parameters:

  • lead_id

    This is required in order for this API call to work. You should be passing this mapping with the Shape lead ID that you'd like to update.

  • title

    It is required to send in the event name to create the calendar event.

  • location (optional)

    Pass the location along to add an address of the event

  • eventType

    Categorize the event into a specific event type classification found in “Manage Event Types” in settings. This is a required parameter

  • date

    It is required to send the start date of the event to create a calendar event. The date format should be MM-DD-YYYY

  • time

    Assign a start time to the calendar event. The time format should be in HH:MM AP format. (AP = AM/PM). This is required.

  • endTime (optional)

    Establish an end time for the event. The time format should be in HH:MM AP format. (AP = AM/PM)

Request Header

The authentication token must be passed in the request header for every API request. You can find and generate your authentication token in your system settings page under “API Integrations.”

Request Body

JSON request body formatting example:


     “lead_id”: 123,

     “title”: “Sample Calendar Event”,

     “location”: “1234 Main Street, Irvine, CA 92618”,

     “eventType”: “Appointment”,

     “date”: “01-31-2030”,

     “time”: “03:30 PM”



Upon success, the server returns HTTP codes and messages in the header with some additional elements and properties that are set by the server, such as id.


     “message”: “Calendar event added for Joe successfully.”,

     “lead_id”: 123


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