Using Shape APIs

This guide covers how to get started and what you'll need to use Shape's Open API

API Authorization Key

To use the API, you’ll need the API Authorization Key from your account settings. The authentication token should be passed in the request header for every API request. If you do not have access to the API Integrations settings page and do not know the API key, contact your system administrator.

Generate API Keys

To generate the API Authorization Key, navigate to the “API Integrations” page in your Shape account and request an API Authorization Key from the “Shape Open API” integration.

API Request Format

Every API call requires the API Authorization Key passed in the request header.

Finding Field Mappings

Field names can be found within your CRM System’s settings pages under: Settings > Marketing Sources > Edit Any Marketing Source > Campaign Source Post URL Instructions.

After navigating to the marketing sources settings page and opening up a campaign, scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Campaign Source Post URL Instructions” section. Here, you will find a searchable table with a breakdown of all of the field names available for use. These field names can also be exported to a CSV via the “Export” dropdown.