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Top 6 Best VOIP & Dialer CRMs For 2024

Searching for a CRM that seamlessly integrates VoIP and dialer capabilities? You've landed in the perfect spot! For this comprehensive guide, we've done the research for you and reviewed 6 of the best VoIP & Dialer CRMs of 2024, designed not just for functionality but for excellence in modern communication needs. We’ve tested the key features of these systems and compiled a list of those that offer more than mere compatibility – they promise a cohesive and intuitive experience, blending advanced dialer and VoIP features right into the CRM platform. We’ll delve deep into all the essential features, like call recording and logging, call routing and management, call distribution and more. Plus, we dive into user feedback to offer you a clear view of how these CRMs stand up in real-world applications. Ready to navigate through the best VoIP and Dialer CRMs of 2024? Let’s get started. 

Salesmate Logo


Efficient VOIP CRM for inbound and outbound sales teams.


Pricing scales per tier, free trial is available. 

Top Choice



Best built-in VOIP & Dialer system with power dialer, automatic call logging, and intelligent call routing.


Fixed pricing plan


Basic VoIP system with third-party VoIP software integrations and complete view of customers’ history


Pricing increases as you scale the number of users and features.

Important features to look for in a CRM with built in dialer and VOIP

When choosing the ideal VOIP and Dialer CRM for your business, ensure it encompasses these essential features:

5 ways to effectively utilize a dialer CRM 

Now that we understand the key features of VoIP system, let’s learn how we might best put one to use. Businesses of all industries can take advantage of this technology. Here are some of the most common ways to utilize yours: 

1. Streamlining customer outreach

Businesses use VOIP and Dialer CRMs to conduct targeted call campaigns, reaching out to prospects and customers with personalized messages. This direct line of communication helps in both acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones by making each call relevant and timely.

2. Automating customer service calls

By integrating IVR systems, companies automate their customer service calls, efficiently managing high volumes. This allows customers to find answers to common questions through automated responses or be directed to the appropriate department, improving overall customer satisfaction.

3. Enhancing sales strategies with predictive dialing

Sales teams capitalize on the predictive dialing feature to streamline their outreach efforts. This technology predicts when a sales agent will be free and automatically dials the next number, reducing downtime and significantly increasing the number of calls and potential sales in a day.

4. Improving call efficiency with click-to-call

The click-to-call functionality embedded within VOIP and Dialer CRMs enables employees to make calls directly from the CRM interface with just a click. This eliminates the need to manually dial numbers, saving time and reducing the risk of dialing errors.

5. Capturing valuable insights from call recordings

Businesses utilize the call recording feature to capture detailed insights from customer interactions. These recordings are invaluable for training purposes, quality assurance, and gathering customer feedback, allowing companies to continually refine their communication strategies and customer service practices.

Quick comparison of top 6 best CRM with VoIP & dialer for 2024

Software Intro Price Differentiator
Built-in VoIP, power dialer, and automatic logging for real-time customer communication in CRM.
Built-in VoIP phone system, enabling warm/cold transfers and a powerful, efficient power dialer.
HubSpot CRM
Professional CRM offering advanced call recording and analytics
Versatile cloud-based contact center with power dialing, recording, and advanced call distribution features.
Agile CRM
Efficient call routing and enhanced caller ID for personalized interactions.
Full Voice-Based Marketing Automation suite with smart routing features.

1. Shape

Founded: 1999
HQ: Irvine, California, United States
Key info
Free plan: No
Support: 24/7 (In-product support + email)
Best for
Businesses looking for a comprehensive CRM solution that also effectively incorporates telephony capabilities for enhanced communication.
+ Provides automated follow-ups after calls that boost prospect engagement
+ Offers a time-saving voicemail drop feature.
+ The efficient call recording feature enhances note taking.
- Initial learning curve for users.
- It lacks over-the-phone chat support.
Zapier, RingCentral, JustCall, CallRail, and more.
Pricing Model*
Sales & Marketing CRM: $119/user/mo
Point of Sale: $47/user/mo
Lead Funnels: $299/mo

Shape has a built-in VoIP solution, power dialer,and automatic logging that records all your customer communication in real time and logs them directly in the CRM records. You can also track and monitor agents' live calls, see their talk time, and other metrics through the call tracking and live monitoring features.

Shape is widely recognized for its intuitive interface and ease of use. In fact users say the integrated dialer feature is seamless and significantly increases production. This power dialing call queue works with prioritized lists to ensure your sales reps focus more on activities that directly lead to more revenue. It is built specifically for sales teams with features designed to boost sales reps productivity and increase the chances of connecting.

These features include click to call functionality, conference calls,call transfers, pre-recorded voicemail drop, and other functions that can increase your performance by over 40% as claimed by Shape. 

Shape CRM Call report

With click-to-call, all it takes is one click on a phone number on your screen and you can initiate a call. This removes the errors usually associated with manual dialing. Having this in your power dialer means agents can be flexible and immediately make calls outside the predefined list whenever the need arises. 

These dialer functions can be customized to suit specific business needs and workflows. For example, each member receives a toll-free or custom virtual phone number for unlimited calling and texting. Additionally, the system provides conditional call flow rules and customizable options for call routing.

Another standout feature of the app is its intelligent call routing. Inbound calls are automatically routed to available agents based on several customized or pre-set rules such as round-robin, ring all, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call forwarding, and more.

Shape CRM leads page

To reduce customer wait time, Shape offers the call blast distribution method that involves ringing all qualified agents to an incoming call at once, then assigning the client to the first agent that picks up.

Despite being an all-in-one CRM, Shape’s pricing is straightforward. At $119 a month, you’ll get access to the sales and marketing CRM. An additional $39 per month unlocks the communications package required for calls, texts, and emails. 

Ultimately, with features like automatic call logging and pre-recording voice mails, Shape not only helps you save time but ensures swift follow-ups after calls and boost prospect engagement. 

The efficient call recording feature also enhances your note taking process. The challenges you may experience while using Shape is an initial learning curve and the absence of over the phone chat support. However, they have a highly responsive customer support team over email and live chat.

2. Salesmate

Founded: 2016
HQ: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Key Info
Price: Starts at $12
Free plan: No; Trial: 14 days
Support: 24/5 chat and email
Best For
Teams with outbound calling
+ The power dialer feature automatically calls customers from the queue
+ Swift and efficient customer support
+ Provides virtual phone numbers
- Email templates are limited
- The pricing structure is complex, with many add-ons
- Calling rates can be high in some scenarios
Active Campaign, DocuSign, MailChimp, Hubspot, Shopify, and many more
Pricing Model
Basic: $23/user per month
Pro: $39/user per month
Business: $63/user per month
Enterprise: On quotation

Salesmate also has a built-in VoIP-based phone system for inbound and outbound sales teams. It works on both the web and mobile app and comes with toll-free virtual phone numbers for over 80 countries.

Salesmate supports call recording and automated call logging. All your inbound and outbound calls are automatically logged in the contact timeline so it’s easy to track them and get an activity report. You can also transfer and forward calls within the CRM, encouraging smooth collaboration with your sales team.

Salesmate allows both warm and cold call transfers and these were some of its best functionalities during our test. The warm transfer feature helps you get instant help when communicating with a client without disconnecting the call. 

Salesmate calling functionality

This feature comes in handy in situations where you are unable to resolve a client’s query. All you have to do is put the client on hold while you brief a more experienced teammate on the issue and then transfer the call. 

On the other hand, the cold transfer feature directly transfers callers to another person without providing any prior context. This usually happens when the client calls the wrong person within the organization. 

Salesmate’s automated dialing and efficiency features include a power dialer, click-to-call, and automated call logging. The power dialer tool automatically dials numbers from your lead list, records calls, takes notes, drops voicemails, and sets the time duration between calls, without switching apps.

Salesmate dashboard

Even with Power Dialer in action, Salesmate ensures you have complete control, allowing you to pause and resume the queue as you wish, skip or complete an activity manually, and reschedule calls to a preferred date and time. 

From masking phone numbers with a caller ID, providing custom reports, to setting greeting music, the functions within Salesmate’s dialer are generally customizable. 

Getting started? It’s as easy as signing up, selecting your preferred number, and making your inbound or outbound calls in less than 5 minutes. Pricing starts at $23 with no setup charges or hidden costs. Most custom features are however only available on the higher tier plans at $39 and $63 for Pro and Business plans. 

Before committing to any of the plans, there’s a 15-day free trial you can leverage to know if it’ll be a good fit. 

Overall, Salesmate does a good job at fulfilling the basic phone communication needs. It schedules calls, ensures timely follow-ups with current clients, and helps monitor client interactions and call history for enhanced productivity.

But it’s not all perfect. Salesmate lacks on/off-hour scheduling for calls, which could lead to late-night interruptions.

3. HubSpot

Founded: 2006
HQ: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Key info
Free plan: Yes
Support: Knowledge base, community, email, chat & phone
Best for
Businesses requiring a basic, integrated VOIP solution within their CRM without all the complex call center functionalities
+ The unified communication tools on one screen streamline work and aids efficiency in acquiring new business.
+ Call recording feature provides task context for team members and minimizes errors.
+  Organizes clients effectively in the sales funnel, providing easy access to analytics and call tracking.
- The built-in calling feature is basic
- It is not robust enough for contact center use cases
- Call recording requires manual actions
Aircall, CallRail, RingCentral, Microsoft Teams and more
Pricing Model*
Starter: $15 per month
Professional: $90 per month
Enterprise (Service hub): $130 per month
Enterprise (Sales hub): $150 per month for 10 users

HubSpot offers basic VoIP features such as automatic call logging, recording, and tracking. With these features, you can capture all customer communication as they occur, track and analyze customer interactions over phone calls, and identify areas for improvement.

Thanks to the built-in VoIP software, you can make calls directly from each contact’s record within the CRM and take advantage of all these recording and logging features to get a full view of your customer’s history. This complete view of customers’ history gives you all the needed context to provide them with the best customer experience and removes the need for customers to repeat themselves to multiple reps.

However, from our evaluation, Hubspot’s built-in VoIP software is generally basic. In fact, it supports the most advanced features through integrations. For example, the in-built system currently does not support call routing but only supports call forwarding to another number.

HubSpot contact notes

But with IVR integrations, you can set up call routing. Additionally, HubSpot offers many integrations with third-party VoIP software, such as CallRail, Aircall, RingCentral, and more.

These integrations in addition to the built-in VoIP software allow you to leverage a wider range of features that may not be available in HubSpot's default VoIP phone system. 

The interface is one of its best features. It is straightforward to use so your sales team spends less time onboarding and more time selling. Additionally, it integrates with popular communication and productivity tools like Slack and Zoom as part of its commitment to ensuring teams remain productive and effective. 

HubSpot activity log

HubSpot’s VoIP solution is available in the Sales and Service Hub’s Starter, Professional, and Enterprise plans. These pricing plans cost $15, $90, and $150 per month respectively.

Overall, Hubspot’s unified communication tools on one screen, valuable call recording feature, and effective client organization within the sales funnel work together to streamline your sales process, enhance team collaboration, and improve performance. However, the built-in calling feature is basic and relies on several integrations to offer advanced features. Due to its basic nature, it is not robust enough for call center use cases. 

4. Freshcaller

Founded: 2010
HQ: San Mateo, California, United States
Key info
Free plan: Yes
Support: phone, email, and chat
Best for
Businesses primarily focused on inbound calling.
+ The service offers competitive pricing for calls.
+ Provides several advanced features for robust call center management
+ Offers day passes to handle spikes in requirement
- The fresh caller app is buggy
- Has several features as add-ons which come with an additional price tag. 
- Compared to the features it offers for inbound calling, the features for outbound calling are limited
Aircall, Acefone, JustCall, Talkdesk, Twilio, and others.
Pricing Model*
Growth: $15 per month
Pro: $39 per month
Enterprise: $69 per month

Freshcaller is Freshworks’ versatile cloud-based contact center software that serves as a sales dialer and offers features like power dialing, a recording system, and click-to-call functionality.

Due to its capabilities and features, Freshcaller is best suited for inbound calling.

With real-time call analytics and CRM integration, advanced call routing, IVR systems, and effective call queue management, sales professionals can efficiently track inbound call performance, personalize conversations, and optimize strategies. 

It has a striking and straightforward UI that makes it organized and easy to use. Once you sign up, your first view is the onboarding flow. The onboarding video is combined with an in-app onboarding checklist, which gives you a boost when starting out.

Freshcaller dashboard

You can set up your Freshcaller virtual business phone system in just hours and choose from number types like toll-free, vanity, or local.

Freshcaller also has an easily accessible call recording system. Once you sign up, Freshcaller ensures all your activities within the CRM software are compliant. For example, the recording feature covers automatic, manual, pause, and disable call recording so you are not alone 

One of Freshcaller’s stand out features during our test was the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD.) which routes your calls to the right department and uses agents for faster resolution.

The ACD distributes calls based on criteria like most idle agents, holiday routing, and business hours routing. 

But Freshcaller’s ACD system does not only route calls, it also gives you insights into your call center’s efficiency. That’s not all, it offers single-level, multi-level, and speech-enabled IVR.

With any of these three IVR types or their combination, you can set up a modern and seamless call routing strategy for your call center.

The speech-enabled IVR particularly allows your callers to communicate or close queries verbally instead of navigating through IVR menus, to connect with the right agent or team

Freshcaller has a power dialer that automates your outbound calls and improves your customer conversations. Setting it up is straightforward. All you have to do is add phone numbers and start power dialing.

Freshcaller contacts

The software has a free plan with local, toll free numbers, inbound caller ID, and call metrics but no call recording. More features such as free incoming call minutes, voicemail, call monitoring, cold transfer, and call recording, are only after upgrading to one of the affordable premium plans. These are the Growth, Pro, and Enterprise plans, at $15, $35, and $69 respectively.

Overall, Freshcaller’s competitive pricing and advanced features for robust contact center management is why it is on our list as one of the best dialer CRM. However, the app offers very limited outbound calling features, so it is more suited for businesses focused primarily on inbound call center services. We also noticed some bugs within the app during our test which affected the app’s performance and overall user user experience. 

Finally, if you are considering Freshcaller for its affordability, you should know the price goes up as you add more add-ons to your software so you can’t always predict what the complete cost would be. 

5. Agile CRM

Founded: 2012
HQ: Dallas, Texas, USA
Key info
Price: $8.99
Free plan: Yes but no telephony features
Support: Phone & email
Best for
Small to medium-sized business looking for a simple VOIP CRM with strong automation capabilities.
+ Call recordings are stored with customer profile to provide context
+ Offers call scripts for contact engagement
+ Automatically manages follow-ups
- The software is no longer updated
- Telephony is only supported through integrations 
- Telephony features are only available in higher priced plans
Twilio, RingCentral, Bria SIP
Pricing Model*
Starter: $8.99 per month
Regular: $29.99 per month
Enterprise: $47.99 per month

Designed for small to midsize businesses, Agile CRM provides telephony features through its seamless integrations with third-party telephony apps such as RingCentral and Twilio. The CRM’s user interface is not the most attractive, in fact it appears somewhat outdated but it makes up for this with its robust automation features.

As part of its automated dialing and efficiency features, it offers single click calls, a virtual dial pad, and automated tasks. So in just a click, you can call your customers or leads from your dashboard. The CRM can then automatically send follow-up emails to your contacts to inform them of your voicemails, upcoming meetings, or scheduled demos. 

Agile CRM also offers routing functionalities but we noticed as we tested it that it lacks the intuitiveness you’ll find in other options like Shape or Freshcaller. Routing calls within Agile works through tag-based calling. For example, if a customer tagged as a “top customer” opens a ticket, it routes this ticket to your most experienced agent for resolution. 

Agile CRM dialer

This CRM also supports call recording and analysis. These features are built-in and help you stay on top of prospects and customer relationships. All your call records are tracked against each contact and easily accessible from the customer views for future reference. 

The call analytics feature can also help you monitor and analyze your whole team’s performance. With all conversations recorded and saved, you can review them to gain insight into each team member’s communication and support skills to identify areas for improvements.

It’s even easier with Agile’s call reports. They give you a graphical representation of every agent’s activities for easy interpretation including the total time spent on calls, the general timeline, and any other relevant details. 

Agile CRM settings

And if you’re looking to infuse personalization into your interactions, the Enhanced Caller ID feature makes it possible. Real-time information about each caller is added to the dashboard before taking their calls so customer support agents always have enough context when starting a conversation. You can take this a step further by adding context-based call scripts to each contact. 

To add more functionality to the CRM, you can integrate your Agile CRM with several third-party telephony apps, such as RingCentral and Twilio. 

All these features are only housed in Agile’s Regular plan with Service team features at $29.99 per month. Overall, Agile not only provides a medium to interact with your customers but also ensures you have enough context through call recordings and scripts. 

Its telephony functionality is however only supported through integrations and not available in the base plan. Additionally, The CRM was also last updated in 2019 so it lacks all the recent advancements seen in the other frequently updated VoIP CRM systems.

6. Bitrix24

Founded: 2012
HQ: Alexandria, Virginia, United States
Key Info
Price: Starts at $49
Free plan: Yes;
Support: Self-help materials, email, live chat
Best For
Businesses requiring a centralized location for all regular contact center operations 
+ Interface is very user friendly
+ Chats, customer call management and everything, are managed on a single interface.
+ Offers a number of communication resources that promote effective collaboration amongst team members.
- For inexperienced users, the program can be difficult.
- Although the mobile app is handy, it's not as fully-loaded as the web version.
3CX, RingCentral, CallGear, Calltrix, etc
Pricing Model
Basic: $49 per month
Standard: $99 per month
Professional: $199 per month
Enterprise: $399 per month

Bitrix24 is a straightforward CRM solution, specifically developed to manage client communication effectively. To achieve this, the CRM envelopes telephony, messenger integration, and email marketing. The telephony system is a full Voice-Based Marketing Automation (VBMA) suite. 

It offers a centralized location for all your regular call center operations like call recording, tracking, screening, IVR, smart routing, automated dialing, and more. 

The IVR and smart routing are some of its best features. Smart routing ensures that all incoming calls are automatically routed to the responsible sales agent. It also helps distribute workload evenly among sales reps so customer service is not affected by an overworked agent. 

Bistrix24 dialer

The workload is even further reduced thanks to the IVR (interactive voice response) feature that helps customers find what they need. All conversations within the CRM whether from inbound or outbound calls are recorded and attached to the relevant deal card for easy reference. 

Bitrix24 Telephony integration also offers advanced telemarketing capabilities for generating and nurturing leads like an auto dialer, call lists, voice broadcasts, callback requests, and SMS text messages. 

You can create a contact list and efficiently run through it with the automatic dialer, follow up with those who didn't answer with voice broadcasts, and then gather callback requests by installing a callback widget on your website. All these are done through the same CRM platform.

Bistrix24 marketplace

As we tested Bitrix24 CRM, its beautiful and well organized interface immediately stood out and improved our user experience. Another plus to its user experience is the ability to automatically forward inbound calls from existing contacts to the account manager previously handling them. This ensures that your clients experience no communication break and continue to enjoy familiarity with your service. 

It then seals it off with a marketplace containing over 500 apps that offers more features to enhance your communication with clients.

Pricing starts at $49 per month after testing the basic features on the free plan. Unlike several other VoIP CRMs that offer unlimited calling, with Bitrix24, you would have to purchase credits to make any calls. Therefore, the costs add up and it may end up being very expensive in the long-run. 

Altogether, having your chats, customer call management, and entire communication managed by a single and very user friendly interface are Bitrix24’s main selling point. The communications platform promotes effective collaboration amongst team members, regardless of their physical location through several communication resources such as group chats, instant messaging, video conferencing, and a social intranet. 

However, handling these advanced features can be difficult for inexperienced users. Additionally, even though the mobile phone app is handy and facilitates communication on the go, it is not as fully-loaded as the web version.

Before choosing a dialer CRM, ensure you do your research carefully

Before settling on a VOIP and Dialer CRM, doing your homework is key. As we've outlined in this guide, picking the perfect CRM for your business's unique communication needs involves more than just skimming through features. We've provided insights into the essential functionalities of VOIP and Dialer CRMs and how businesses leverage these tools for success. Each option we've explored offers its own set of advantages, tailored to enhance your sales and marketing strategies. Now, the ball is in your court to choose the CRM that aligns with your goals and can elevate your business to new heights of efficiency and customer engagement.


Our Top Pick - Shape


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Please note: All pricing mentioned in this article is based on information available as of 01-05-2024 and sourced from the respective companies' public pricing pages. While we strive for accuracy, we recommend verifying with the specific company for the most up-to-date details.

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