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How to Close More Loans with Ease and Grace

You laugh, but ease and grace are attainable goals in mortgage lending. We didn’t say that it’s achievable without some smart tools, however. Such a skeptic!

Here’s what we’ve learned by working with mortgage lenders like you – ease and grace are synonymous with getting it right the first time. How do you get it right the first time, close more loans, and achieve that rosy glow of ease and grace? You set yourself up for success with Shape’s Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) for Mortgage Lenders.

Shape is an all-inclusive cloud software specifically built for the mortgage industry.​

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Here’s a sampling of what you can do with Shape’s CRM for Mortgage Lenders:

  • Streamline and automate your intake process with our intake form builder

  • Build forms in a matter of minutes

  • Link your website directly to the Shape platform

  • Export data directly into your marketing cycle

  • Organize and manage all your leads from one dashboard

  • Score and distribute quality leads to your loan officers

  • Connect with clients, lenders, and loan officers from a single platform

  • Automate your email marketing and get notified when a prospect opens the email

  • Send contracts and important documents securely with Shape’s built-in eSignature

  • Integrates with Encompass, Point, LendingQB and most 3rd party software providers

And last, but not actually last, because there’s so much more – INCREASE LOAN VOLUME by increasing productivity through an intuitive, integrated, automated cloud software that helps you get it right the first time. Now say hello to Ease and Grace. It’s just good business to know these two.

Still skeptical? Fine! Try Shape and tell us what you think. We custom design our software to fit your business, not our opinions, so we really want to know.