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Top 8 Best Mortgage CRMs for Loan Officers in 2023

Are you a loan officer or mortgage professional looking for a CRM specifically designed to help you close more loans? You have come to the right place. There is a plethora of CRM software on the market today, many specific mortgage CRM solutions are designed with mortgage loan officers and brokers in mind. These powerful tools help generate more mortgage leads, save you time with follow up and your workflow, integrate with your LOS, and so much more. In this article, our team researched and reviewed 8 of the best CRMs for mortgage loan offers/brokers today. Breaking down pricing, pros and cons, features and more to help you choose the best option.


All-in-one mortgage CRM for communication and automation


Pricing scales depending on the number of team members

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Most powerful all-in one Mortgage CRM with the most value for loan officers


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Modular all-in-one CRM with customizable features


Pricing scales as you increase number of contacts and features

Mortgage loan officers and brokers are the lifeblood of the global real estate market. Given that the average housing prices increased by 19 percent last year, according to CNN, borrowers are constantly in need of mortgage professionals to assist with their home needs, as over the long haul the real estate industry is always growing.

It is for this reason that a good Mortgage CRM is now a necessity for gaining an edge over the competition. Any old CRM won’t work in this context, one specially equipped to handle borrowers and all the activities they'll engage in is by far the better option. So without further ado, let’s jump into this article on the best Mortgage CRMs to help optimize and grow your business.

Important Features to Look for in a CRM for Brokers and Loan Officers

When analyzing your options for a good mortgage CRM software, you should ensure that they tick the following boxes:

1. Document and e-signature handling

Loan officers handle several documents, both in-house and with their customers. Your chosen CRM must have file-sharing features as well as secure cloud storage. Furthermore, customers should be able to append e-signatures to the relevant documents, allowing them to deal with clients from distant locations.

2. Integrations with LOS systems

A loan origination system takes a completed loan application and processes its mortgage transactions from application to post-closing. This system is an integral part of any quality mortgage CRM. As such, mortgage CRM software is incomplete if it does not have a LOS.

3. Integrations with third-party mortgaging software

A good CRM for brokers and loan officers must be able to share and consolidate data with other mortgaging apps like Calyx and Encompass. It must also support esoteric files like the Fannie Mae 3.2 file format.

4. Built-in CMS to publish content

While this may not be a requirement, a content management system might be a beneficial feature for small business mortgage brokers. This feature allows mortgage professionals to provide information about their companies. It also serves as an advertising medium that they can leverage to outline their loan offers.

5. Digital 1003 features

The 1003 form, or Uniform Residential Loan Application, is the standardized form most mortgage lenders use in the United States. In this modern age of computers and digitization, a good mortgage CRM must support digital 1003 application forms. That way, customers can apply for loans from the comfort of their homes.

5 ways loan officers utilise mortgage CRM features

Typically, mortgage professionals manage their borrowers like conventional businesses manage their customers. After all, lending money is the primary source of income for mortgage businesses and they need to prioritize it for their good. Just like solopreneurs or accountants, here are the top 5 ways loan officers and brokers use a mortgage CRM:

Quick Comparison of Mortgage CRM Software for Loan Officers

Software Intro Price Differentiator
The best mortgage CRM system for loan officers in the USA
HubSpot CRM
Modular all-in-one CRM with customizable features
Best mortgage broker CRM for customer service and marketing automation
Whiteboard CRM
Effective for client communication
Reasonable and sophisticated sales platform
Zoho CRM
Beginner-friendly small business CRM software with easier deployment
Specialized feature set for mortgage lenders and loan officers
Mortgage Magic
On quotation
Businesses managing large amounts of sensitive data

The Top 8 Best CRM Software for Brokers and Loan Officers Are:

1. Shape

Founded: 1999
HQ: Irvine, California, United States
Key info
Free plan: No
Support: 24/7 (In-product support + email)
Best for
The best all-round mortgage CRM software in the USA
Easy to configure
Allows you to manage all accounts, leave notes, and call/text/email them from one system
Limited customization option for the deal section
Has a learning curve
Zapier, Calendly, MailChimp, WordPress, and many more

Shape Mortgage Software is a suite of software products and services designed specifically for mortgage professionals, including loan officers, mortgage brokers, bankers, and lenders. Shape assists with everything from origination, sales, and marketing automation to digital 1003 applications and loan origination system integrations. Shape is designed to 1) increase revenue from closed loan volume, 2) decrease costs, and 3) save mortgage businesses time through increased efficiencies.

Shape UI

Shape is the only mortgage solution with an integrated CRM, dialer, e-mail/text automation, POS, LOS integrations, pre-built CRO websites, and over 500+ other features built into one system. Shape also integrates with 5,000+ applications to provide an optimal all-in-one system. Shape's marketing features include API and post URL integrations with external lead providers to provide enterprise-level lead management and communication, as well as pre-built marketing and post-closing templates to nurture and optimize deal pipelines. Shape allows mortgage professionals to automatically sync 3.4 and 3.2 files, along with other loan data, directly with most loan origination systems (LOS), saving hours of manual data entry and increasing closed loan volume.

Shape scores 4.6/5 on G2 and 4.9/5 on Capterra

2. HubSpot

Founded: 2006
HQ: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Key info
Free plan: Yes
Support: Knowledge base, community, email, chat & phone
Best for
Small businesses looking for modular all-in-one CRM with customizable features
Out-of-the-box flexibility
Easy Onboarding
Has Knowledge base feature
No dedicated features for Mortgage brokers
Difficult to gather data in one place
Price can grow quickly
Zapier, Salesforce, Quickbooks, and many more

One of HubSpot's primary functions is email marketing. As such, it provides several customer relationship management tools that complement email integration. For one, you can create engaging email marketing content using the hundreds of email templates HubSpot provides. Furthermore, you can track client interaction with each email and view them on the contact timeline. The email marketing automation tool allows you to schedule email sending and receipt times and receive notifications on them.

Hubspot UI

One of HubSpot's primary functions is email marketing. As such, it provides several customer relationship management tools that complement email integration. For one, you can create engaging email marketing content using the hundreds of email templates HubSpot provides. Furthermore, you can track client interaction with each email and view them on the contact timeline. The email marketing automation tool allows you to schedule email sending and receipt times and receive notifications on them.

If there's one feature that draws customers to HubSpot CRM, it's the in-app VoIP call software. This tool allows you to have voice calls with employees and clients from within the app. It can also record and save these calls in multiple formats while generating text transcripts. The stellar part of the caller app is its provision of a service hub which is a customer support software that enables you to develop deeper relationships with clients. The customer service hub also includes a knowledge base for written and video blogs that provide borrowers and partners with relevant information about your company.

Hubspot is one of the best CRM software with several features and functionalities that can be applied to any mortgage firm. Nevertheless, none of its features are tailored specifically for the mortgage industry. As a result, you may have to put in more work to customize it for your business. Still, considering the pricing plans and the sheer number of features, this effort is certainly worth it.

HubSpot scores 4.4/5 on G2 and 4.5/5 on Capterra

3. BNTouch

Founded: 2004
HQ: Beaverton, Oregon, United States
Key info
Free plan: No
Support: 24/7 (phone + email + chat) & knowledge base
Best for
Brokers looking for an all-in-one mortgage CRM for communication and automation
Contains schedulable tasks that are visible to all team members so that tasks can be completed collaboratively
All-around CRM that helps you build a website and automate lead follow-ups, marketing and referral management
Fully functional mobile app
Limited UI customization
Takes time to set-up
Does not allow for the best social media integration or provide a lot of content for SM pages
Lending Pad, Calyx, Encompass, Zapier, and many more

BNTouch is a feature-rich CRM specially designed for the mortgage industry. It is a top mortgage CRM software with high-profile customers like Empire Mortgage, Alterra Homes, and Summit Funding. Nevertheless, BNTouch Mortgage CRM caters to businesses of all sizes, offering three pricing plans based on the size of your enterprise. This way, you only pay for what you use.

BNTouch offers a lead pipeline and communication tracker to help you manage potential customers and referral partners. It helps you organize potential borrowers by their stage in the pipeline, allowing for clear segmentation of leads, prospects, and funded and canceled borrowers. BNTouch also provides an intelligent lead distribution system that automatically sorts and assigns leads to the appropriate loan officer or sales rep.

BNTouch's sophisticated email and text marketing automation system is designed to send targeted messages with minimal human intervention. This centralized email platform allows all team members to put their emails into one shared account. That way, any authorized user can modify pre-written messages in the system. BNTouch's email marketing tool allows you to save customer information as meta tags so you can write a broadcast email once. BNTouch will fill in the appropriate data when it sends automated emails.

Another one of the outstanding features of BNTouch is the marketing content library that comes up with hundreds of pre-made advertising content. This library contains 13 types of marketing content, including newsletters, market updates, social media posts, and marketing email templates. You can also create custom content and save them to the library.

BNTouch UI Images

As a dedicated mortgage loan CRM, BNTouch simplifies the loan application process. It allows you to create custom digital 1003 application forms for your clients. All you need to do is send a link to their custom client portal, and they can fill out their online application easily. Using BNTouch, you can even embed this link as a button on your company website.

BNTouch offers many other features that make it one of the best mortgage CRM software of 2023. It offers a website and landing page builder, custom marketing content, e-signatures, and live chat. While it may not be the cheapest software on this list, it is one of the most affordable small business CRMs. Many lenders and brokers have commended its ease of use and intuitive user interface. A happy customer on G2 states that:

“I love that it is user-friendly, and straight to the point. I love the fact that you can set daily tasks and reminders, and keep track of new inbound leads, referrals, etc.”

BNTouch scores 4.2/5 on G2 and 4.5/5 on Capterra

4. Whiteboard CRM

Founded: 2014
HQ: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Key info
Free plan: Yes
Support: 24/7 (In-product chat + email)
Best for
Small businesses looking to improve client communication and manage relationships effectively
Automated communications with a click of a few buttons
Has mortgage-specific Pipeline Sequences built-in
Customized meeting schedules to keep partnerships on track with a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly Partner Call
Reports can't be printed
Limited Integrations
Needs integrations for document management
Calyx Point Central, Encompass, Zillow, and many more

Whiteboard CRM’s main goal is to improve relationships between loan officers and their clients and referral partners. It is a scalable CRM solution with one of the best pricing plans of all CRM in the mortgage industry. This software is perfect for growing businesses as it unlocks the full range of its features for all subscription plans. In addition to this, as the size of your team grows, you will have to pay a lesser amount, and this is something that makes Whiteboard CRM remarkable and unique!

Whiteboard CRM’s relationship management campaigns help you follow up on new leads and referrals, keeping them up to date and reminding them to move forward with the loan process. It helps you manage your time efficiently and keeps your leads engaged until they take the next step. In addition, the Whiteboard CRM system promptly notifies you by email, text, or in-app when you receive a new lead from your website.

Whiteboard UI

The lead pipeline is the heart of any sales business. To that end, Whiteboard CRM helps you create a lead management pipeline or works with any existing one you have. It updates clients on all pending actions and communicates with co-borrowers and loan partners. Interestingly, Whiteboard CRM has built-in mortgage pipeline sequences, saving you from wasting time on a complicated setup process. This software also offers specific pipelines for credit repair, follow-ups, and cancellations.

Whiteboard CRM is one of the best loan officer CRM with powerful features like automated loan status and mortgage event notifications. This feature sends emails or texts to loan officers and customers at every step of the loan process. Additionally, all communications and email correspondence are accessible from a central location. Likewise, you can create, assign, and complete tasks using the Mortgage Playbook.

Whiteboard CRM scores 3.8/5 on G2 and 5/5 on Capterra

5. Pipedrive

Founded: 2010
HQ: New York, United States
Key info
Free plan: No
Support: Live chat, phone & help center
Best for
Businesses looking for a reasonable and sophisticated sales pipeline
Easy to navigate with intuitive views and dashboards
Pipelines can be customized
Limited marketing features
Does not scale well as the business grows
Has feature usage limits on all plans except enterprise
Zapier, Xero, Quickbooks, QuarterOne, and many more

Pipedrive is one of the most popular general-purpose CRMs of the last decade. It has over 100,000 paying customers in 179 countries that use its simple but powerful pipeline management system, making it one of the top CRM solutions. Pipedrive claims that you can use the software to its fullest potential in just four easy steps.

Pipedrive's main offering is the sales pipeline, a feature integral to mortgaging businesses. It helps you manage your leads and deals by providing a visual representation of progress, ownership, and communication. Using this pipeline, you can manage up to 3000 open deals with the entry-level plan and scale up to higher tiers as needed. Many business owners have reported that Pipedrive has helped them close more deals in less time, allowing them to attend to other aspects of their enterprise.

Pipedrive's workflow automation feature allows you to execute complex actions based on dynamic triggers and conditions. The automated pipelines are highly customizable and can be quickly constructed using a drag-and-drop builder. Remarkably, Pipedrive offers an AI-powered sales mentor to help you boost your performance. This feature helps you automate repetitive tasks, keeping you fresh and motivated for more rewarding tasks.

Pipedrive UI Images

Big data is the driving force behind 21st-century enterprises, including mortgaging businesses. Pipedrive's Insights helps you leverage your customer data to grow your business and increase profits. This tool helps you recognize winning patterns that can optimize your workflow and displays them on an interactive dashboard. Unlike most CRMs, Pipedrive provides customizable reports that display the data you need to see. You can also set concrete business goals and use the sales reporting feature to track your progress.

Pipedrive is amongst the best CRM software programs and boasts excellent customer reviews, with special commendation given to the affordable starting price. Its intuitive UI and customization options have also received praise. Despite some reports about bugs and technical issues, we didn't encounter any during our trial run.

Pipedrive scores 4.2/5 on G2 and 4.5/5 on Capterra

6. Zoho CRM

Founded: 2005
HQ: Austin, Texas, United States; Chennai India
Key info
Free plan: Yes
Support: 24/7 (phone + email & chat)
Best for
Businesses looking for beginner-friendly CRM software with easier deployment and real-time communication
Beginner-friendly for CRM first timers
Point-and-click automation and workflows
The reporting system is proficient
UI is a bit unintuitive, and workflow needs improvement
There are limits on the number of custom fields, even on enterprise plans
Insufficient documentation, instruction, or tutorials for all the features of the product
Salesforce, SugarCRM, OneDrive, and many more

Zoho CRM is one of the oldest SaaS companies in the world; it has been providing enterprise software for over 25 years! Despite Zoho CRM being one of the later additions to Zoho's line of SaaS, it has gathered over 80 million customers worldwide. Startups and small mortgage businesses will particularly enjoy using Zoho CRM because it meets all their basic CRM needs for zero cost.

Zoho CRM is popular among solo loan officers and freelancers because of its Sales Force Automation feature. This tool works just like a personal assistant, managing your leads, clients, marketing campaigns and deals. It saves not only time but also the hiring costs of getting someone to fill that role. The Sales Force Automation helps you capture borrowers, score them based on win probability, and follow them up using their contact information. As its name suggests, this tool provides workflow management services that you can use to automate repetitive tasks.

Zoho UI Images

Zoho CRM offers real-time client management using its Omnichannel customer relationship management tool. This tool lets you import client correspondence from your emails into the app, including the entire conversation history. You can also integrate your calls and sales from third-party apps with Zoho CRM. The Omnichannel tool allows you to take notes and set reminders to follow up on customers. It also notifies you of missed calls and sends call analytics.

If you are looking for a free Mortgage CRM then Zoho CRMs free plan has got you covered. It has all of the basic features you need to run your small business. Zoho CRM’s pricing model is such that you only need to upgrade to higher tiers as your business grows. Nevertheless, if you need a higher cloud storage capacity or convenience features like AI insights, you can subscribe to the professional or enterprise plan.

7. DigiFi

Founded: 2011
HQ: Singapore
Key info
Free plan: No
Support: Email, phone, chat & knowledge base
Best for
Lending businesses and loan officers looking for CRM with compliance features and lending activities
Completely customized digital lending portals
Setting up the platform is intuitive, with drag-and-drop interfaces
Highly reliable with 99.9%+ uptime
High price
Designed for lenders
Paypal, Quickbooks, Xero, and Slack

DigiFi is an online lending technology that streamlines the lending process from application to funding. Unlike other Mortgage CRM software, it does not aim to be an all-in-one solution. Instead, it offers three major mortgage CRM components that help your business acquire more borrowers while funding their loans faster.

DigiFi’s loan origination software is extremely flexible and can be customized to meet your company’s unique origination process. This system contains everything needed to operate a modern lending business, including loan information management, automation, credit management, loan reports and regulatory tools. It also offers compliance features and allows you to customize the data structure, application views, and borrower communications.

DigiFi mortgage software provides an automated decision engine that simplifies the integration of data sources. It also offers a no-code decision workflow builder, allowing you to create workflows that ensure compliance and improve efficiency. If you’re tech-savvy, DigiFi lets you process decisions through its JavaScript API. Moreover, this decision engine provides real-time reporting and analytics, which you can use to gauge your performance and identity areas for improvement.

Like many other CRM for mortgage brokers, DigiFi offers a self-service lending portal for borrower communications and other lending activities. However, this feature is unique in that it is tightly integrated with the loan originating software and the decision engine. In addition, the self-service portal is highly customizable, secure, and well-optimized for mobile devices. DigiFi also provides deployment and hosting services for your lending portal, allowing you to focus on your customers rather than software maintenance.

DigiFi has yet to gain much traction among lenders and mortgage companies despite being in the Mortgage broker CRM market for over a decade. This could be attributed to its highly specialized feature set. However, the costly subscription plans are also a major reason for the low customer count. With an $8000 starting price, it's easy to see why small businesses shy away from DigiFi. If you are a large enterprise, DigiFi is one of the best mortgage business CRMs you can find.

8. Mortgage Magic

Founded: 1990
HQ: Rainham, Medway, United Kingdom
Key info
Free plan: No
Support: Email
Best for
UK-based mortgaging businesses managing huge amounts of client and borrower financial information
End-to-end secure video and ID verification systems
Comprehensive reports
Secure Document Storage in the UK complying with GDPR
Compliance features are tailored for only UK-based businesses

Mortgage Magic is built from the ground up to cater to mortgage industry professionals in the UK. It offers customers a complete mortgage advice process and provides solutions for CRM, digital presence, and lead management.

Mortgage broking involves handling large amounts of client and borrower financial information. As a result, the fine line between private data and public information can often get blurry. Luckily, Mortgage Magic automates compliance requirements for you and helps you keep within reporting regulations. Using this software means you can never violate GDPR, particularly if you're a UK-based business. Moreover, Mortgage Magic's secure end-to-end video connections and ID verification are on hand when conducting compliance activities.

Mortgage Magic provides a client portal for communications between you, lenders, borrowers, and partners. This software also doubles as a secure file-sharing service, allowing clients to send documents and append e-signatures as needed.

Additionally, clients can update the information displayed on their profile, freeing them to attend to more important tasks. The best thing about the client portal is that it allows you and your client to engage in real-time video calls and instant text messaging while working on the same document.

Despite its primary role as a mortgage CRM system, Mortgage Magic performs some accounting operations. It can monitor and track your finances, including commissions and fees. This information is displayed as comprehensive reports and can be accessed through the web app or mobile apps on Android and iOS.

Mortgage Magic scores 4.7/5 on G2 and 4.8/5 on Capterra


As discussed in this article, choosing the right CRM to meet your needs is not as straightforward as it may initially seem. Luckily, we have given you guidelines on what to look for in Mortgage CRM systems and how to assess your CRM needs. Each software discussed in this article is an equally viable option, but with subtle and not-so-subtle differences that may serve to sway you. It's up to you to choose the right software to help grow your business.


Our Top Pick - Shape


4.8/5 - from 2,000+ reviews

All-in-one software for marketing, sales, customer service, CRM, and operations. Improve communication and maximize your business.

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