How to Manually Add Records in Shape Software

Quickly and easily add records from you list pages. Adding a record from the list page will auto create and save a record in that record type.

Note: If you are not on your list pages, you can use the “+” icon in the right-hand sidebar to quickly add a record. Simply choose the record type you are looking to add from the available record types in your CRM Template.

Automatically Adding Records

Automatically import records into your system via the “ Marketing Sources” settings page. Here, you can set up sources and get the posting instructions to automatically input records into your system. If your source does not support post URL, you can also use Zapier webhooks as a workaround.

Frequently Asked Questions

Records can be deleted however this function is reserved for admin roles only.

Yes! You can do so in bulk from a list view or one by one from within a record using the “Convert” dropdown.

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