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Report Access Permissions Settings Page

Configuring User Permissions to your Reporting Pages Manage access to your system reporting pages and analytics through Report Access Permissions. Define what admins, directors, managers

Shape Software Dashboard Settings

Configuring your Dashboard Control what you track on your system dashboard. Although you cannot create your own custom graphs, you can dictate what you track

Text Templates in Shape Software

Creating a SMS Template in Shape Create SMS templates for quick and efficient text message sending and automated campaigns. SMS templates are seen throughout the

Manage Statuses in Shape Software

What are Statuses in Shape? Statuses are a way to track your records and move them through your pipeline. Knowing these elements is central to

Assigning Leads via Post URL

How to Bypass Distribution Rules by Assigning via Post URL Although Shape supports distribution rules as leads enter the system, some companies may want to

Distribution Rules in Shape Software

What are Distribution Rules in Shape Software? When a record enters the system either via an automated marketing source, an API integration, or (if your rule

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