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Best CRM with Client Portal Integrated

Increase Conversions by Over 30%. ShapeIQ is an all-in-one lead scoring software that uses artificial intelligence, Shape analytics, and your own business data to increase

Best CRM Features & Tools for 2022

The average ROI on a CRM is 771%. Shape’s all-in-one customer relationship management suite has all the features you need to optimize and streamline your

Why Do My Emails Go To Spam?

Troubleshoot Your Emails Going to Spam Using Shape to send emails and experiencing deliverability issues? If your messages are frequently going to the spam folder,

Email Validation within Shape Software

What is Email Validation in Shape? Email Validation verifies if an email address is deliverable and valid. Shape’s email validation involves a process that catches

Email Templates in Shape Software

Options for Email Templates in Shape Email Templates An email template is a prewritten email so that your users can quickly and easily write and send emails. Create email templates

Manage Guidelines in Shape Software

User Guidelines in Shape Software Manage guidelines helps counsel users through their processes to ensure that they are following proper procedures and protocol. Write out

Report Access Permissions Settings Page

Configuring User Permissions to your Reporting Pages Manage access to your system reporting pages and analytics through Report Access Permissions. Define what admins, directors, managers

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