To maintain the reliability of our system, we conduct routine checks every Saturday between 5pm and 10pm, and system updates the first Friday of each month. Typically, these maintenance activities won't disrupt your use of the system. Nonetheless, there may be rare instances of short-term service interruptions.

Status Updates - Last 90 Days

Database Server Complete Resync


In the extremely rare event of a critical system issue, a complete resync of a database server may be required. Historically this has been needed less than once a year. The following applies to this scenario:

Maintenance Tasks

During the weekly maintenance window, the following tasks will be performed:

Executive Summary

To ensure system stability, we perform weekly maintenance on Saturdays from 5pm to 10pm. Our goal is to avoid any downtime, but there may be rare instances where we need an hour due to a forced data integrity check. In even rarer cases, a database server may require a complete resync, which takes approximately 5 hours per server.

Conducting maintenance on Saturday evening provides us with sufficient time to address any potential issues that may arise over the weekend. This schedule also ensures we do not interfere with our developer’s schedule.

Delay in processing 10DLC Campaign Registration requests: United States


We are currently aware of delays in provisioning new campaigns with our campaign registry partner. This issue may specifically affect new campaign registrations under 10DLC in the United States involving T-mobile numbers. Users may experience difficulties when linking numbers to their 10DLC campaign. However, existing campaigns will not be impacted.

Rest assured, our team is actively working with our telephony partner to address and resolve this issue as quickly as possible.